A Girl’s Guide to Surviving College

Surviving college like this woman is easier with these tips
Get through your classroom years easier and earn the certification you want!

College is the next step in growing up. Now you feel more like an adult but be aware that there’s still a lot of learning do in college, inside and outside of the classroom. College can be a great time, and many women remember it fondly. There are some things that can make it easier though, and here are a few tips to help you with surviving college. It’s a girl’s guide!

Make the Schedule Ideal for You

When I was in college, we chose courses from different time slots and essentially made our schedule with the classes necessary for our specific program. Look at whether you perform better in the mornings or later in the day. Keep that in mind when creating your class schedule. Then you’ll be in a better frame of mind to get the work done.

Tip: If you have some subjects that are harder than others, the earlier you can do them in the day the better. Get the hard stuff out of the way so that you can breathe easier the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Stay on Campus

Staying on campus can be important to surviving college. It gives you lots of opportunity to get to know other students and make new friends. The decision to live on campus as a first-year student is great because it allows you to fully be a part of college life and ease into independence.

Obviously some campuses are expensive to live on, though, so it all depends on whether doing so fits within your budget or not. Keep in mind that when you stay on campus you’ll save commuting costs and the room comes with basics like a bed and desk.

Surviving College: Learn Basic Meals

Learn how to cook some basic meals before you start college or at least in your first year there. Then if your budget is tight or all the cafes and restaurants are closed for the night, at least you won’t go hungry. Simple things, such as omelets or spaghetti, can be a cheap and easy meal.

If you have time to learn more involved meals, that’s a bonus. Then you can add more variety to your days without having to spend a fortune.

Find a Part-Time Job

Having a part-time job has several advantages for surviving college. It will provide you with some extra cash and help you to learn new skills, just as a couple of examples. It is wise to open a student checking account for your wages to be paid into. This will help you to learn understanding managing finances.

Use Student Discounts

A lot of places offer discounts to college students who can show their student ID card. Food stores, clothing outlets, bookstores, and even some entertainment venues, such as theaters, and cinemas, will give students a discount. These price reductions can be significant so they’re well worth claiming, especially if you’re living on a tight budget.

Day vs. Night Study Sessions

Whenever possible, get your studying done during the time of day when you have most energy. For some people, their brains are most active in the morning or afternoon, which makes learning new information easier. For others, it’s the evening that works best for them to look at their textbooks. One isn’t better than the other, necessarily; instead, it’s about knowing which time of day is best for you.

An extra advantage of studying during the day is that it frees up your evening for social time. While you’re likely attending college to get a degree, it’s ideal to have a balance of educational moments in the classroom and growing up socially outside of it too.

Surviving College Relationships

There’s typically a lot going on relationship-wise that can make surviving college tough. If it’s your first time living away from home, for example, you will develop new relationships with friends and probably a love interest or two. Making new relationships can be tough, including having a roommate who makes loud noises when you’re sleeping. Ug, I remember that last one.

Plus, you’re likely trying to maintain relationships with family and friends who aren’t in school or have moved away. It’s a big transition period and it’s okay to be finding it difficult to get along with some people or have anxiety about new people you’re interacting with. Over the college years you’ll probably make some life-long friends and get to understand many different communication styles. Try not to let relationship drama ruin your concentration, which will ultimately affect your grades.

Make Use of Available Resources

Colleges have lots of resources to help students, and you would be wise to make use of them. There is usually a careers department, for example. And often on-campus counselors to chat with if you struggle with surviving college, as well as the library for research or peaceful study time.

Your Thoughts on Surviving College

Over to you! What are some other ways to get through college easier? What would you have done differently, looking back now?


  1. Excellent tips! I preferred morning classes. My brain works better in the morning. Sometimes, there might not be enough options for the core courses though.

    Studying the program, especially the prerequisite hierarchy, is a must. Sometimes students end up with extra courses outside the requirement of the program. Extra courses are good but the cost the tuition.

    I am glad that you have included the item about a part-time job. Some students prefer on-campus jobs. Campus-jobs can vary from cleaning crew to working in the cafeteria to doing research with a professor. Some professors look for students for their research activities. Depending on the project, they might have paid research assistant positions for undergraduate or graduate students. It is not only the money, but these research positions also enrich the curriculum vitae of the students.

    An excellent article you have written, just like always. The post will be helpful for many prospective college students. Have a wonderful weekend!

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