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Always Feeling Lonely? It Never Ends. Unless…

feeling lonely

Always feeling lonely can be discouraging and cause you to get down on yourself. Accept your emotions for what they are, but also know that it’s in your power to overcome always feeling lonely and find brighter days ahead.

If you live alone and aren’t a very social person, it’s likely in your best interest to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to meet people and have new experiences. While there’s nothing wrong with feeling lonely, if it’s uncomfortable and frustrating for you then you should make it a priority to alter your lifestyle a bit. Begin to put yourself out there so that you can find more joy and companionship.

Reach out to Friends and Family

Overcome always feeling lonely by being proactive and reach out to friends and family regularly. For example, ask a friend to come over for coffee or tea. Or, invite someone to see a movie with you. Sitting around at home all the time is only going to isolate you and cause you to feel more alone as time goes on.

Get a Pet

You might be always feeling lonely these days because you’re in a house or apartment all by yourself. One option that will make the place come to life is if you get a pet to help keep you company. You can click here to discover puppies for sale and start scoping out what animal you may want to bring into your home. Owning a pet will also keep you busy because they’ll require consistent love and care from you.

Volunteer Your Time

An additional way to overcome always feeling lonely is to commit to volunteering your time throughout the week. Choose a cause you feel passionately about and use this opportunity to put a smile on someone else’s face and make new friends. It’s a great way to spend your free time and will likely bring a lot of happiness to your life.

Start Dating

While being single has its perks, it can also cause you to feel lonely when you’re not out and about. Overcome your loneliness by challenging yourself to seek out new relationships by starting to date more. Look to meet possible matches through friends or family. Or, use one of the many dating apps that are out there to your advantage.

Find a Hobby

You may be feeling lonely lately because you’re simply bored with your life; maybe you have a lot of extra time on your hands. One idea is to find a hobby you enjoy doing; it will take up time and put your skills to good use too. For instance:

  • Teach yourself how to build furniture
  • Sign up for a photography class
  • Register to play on a sports team

Conclusions on Feeling Lonely

Always feeling lonely isn’t fun. So, it’s in your best interest to give these ideas a try so you can feel better and less isolated quickly. Test out a few different options and do more of what makes you happy. You’ll likely soon discover that breaking out of your shell truly does help combat loneliness and that you enjoy life more.

What are some other ways to overcome loneliness?

21 thoughts on “Always Feeling Lonely? It Never Ends. Unless…”

  1. I sometimes find myself feeling lonely this time of year especially because most of my family lives far away. The best thing for me is to spend time with those loved ones I can, and call those I can’t, as well as focusing on the positives, like getting into shopping, wrapping, decorating, and baking for the holidays.

    1. Keeping busy helps for sure, including decorating as you say, Amy. I did a few DIY gifts and liked how that kept me occupied too. I wish you lived closer and we could have chats in person!

    2. Aww, thank you Christy! I would love that as well. I’m glad you found ways to fill your time, and impressed you made homemade gifts! Nothing shows how much you care like a gift made by your own hands, a “true labor of love. “

  2. There are some good tips there.

    I had an operation ten months ago and was expecting the bulk of the recovery to take around 12 weeks. However, I had a relapse at end-March. Now, over ten months after my op, I feel little, if any, better than in April. I have also got a bad head cold at the moment that I don’t want to spread about. My family live overseas and are not at all accessible, and are also too old to travel.

    As a result of all of this I can’t do a lot of the things mentioned. Dating is totally out, I can’t get a pet I would like, as I cannot even bend down to put a bowl of food on the floor for a creature. I can’t talk to my family in depth about how depressed I feel at the moment, I just don’t feel I can talk to them about it. I have few friends living locally, and of course they all work during the week anyway. I have taken up a new interest which takes up quite a bit of time, which is good, but it doesn’t involve other people… although it does involve exploring new places and so I meet people as I go.

    Of course, eventually my cold will go (have had it more than three weeks already) and I won’t feel quite so wretched and quite so isolated. But with my op recovery having totally stalled, I feel miserable and it all becomes a virtual spiral of gloom :-(

    1. Oh Andrea, I’m sorry I’m just seeing this comment now :( I hope your head cold has now passed and you have had at least a few outings with friends. I don’t have a lot of IRL (in real life) friends but I have a few and know that’s better than several acquaintances so I consider myself lucky. Please keep at your hobby which sounds like it brings you new opportunities and know that you will get through this downtime. As you heal I know that you will find more joys and in the meantime never hesitate to reach out to a doctor or counselor. I have seen both and they have helped me. Sending love.

  3. Great tips! Writing is like therapy for me, so I use my blog or writing fiction to help me when I’m feeling lonely. Creating new characters and/or new worlds is such a comfort!

    1. I have just started a blog for similar reasons. I think it’s tough. I have mental health problems too which doesn’t help matters but I try my best to overcome my flaws if that makes sense.

    2. Yes ~ and you know what, Dave ~ Flaws are what makes us each unique and I wouldn’t even call them flaws but instead say that we are a work in progress :)

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