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How to Prepare Yourself for Your First Baby

Prepare a first baby essentials list and hospital bag for delivery

Having a baby, particularly when it is your first child, is an exciting and emotional adventure. Nobody can truly prepare you for the joy and the unexpected challenges of having your first baby, but planning ahead as much as possible before this new arrival can make everything just a little easier later. Below are some great ways to prepare yourself for your first baby, including creating a baby essentials list and packing a hospital bag for delivery.

Talk with Your Partner Before First Baby Arrives

Open, honest communication with your partner is essential in the weeks and months leading up to the birth. A lot will change once your baby arrives, as your priorities will change dramatically. Your free time and daily patterns will focus on making sure you are doing everything you can to care for your newborn.

Important conversations to have with your significant other now include how to best manage time and the roles you will individually take once the baby is born. You don’t want to add unnecessary stress to the situation later; a calm conversation or two before the due date can help keep that from happening to you.

Baby Essentials List: Stock Up on Supplies

Another great way to prepare for your first baby is by loading up on supplies for the little one. Make a baby essentials list now so you won’t have to make any stops on the way home from the hospital for the right baby formula or diapers. Try and sort these baby supplies a few weeks before the due date.

Draft up a baby essentials list of everything necessary, including gentle products for bathing your child, appropriate bedding, and clothing too. You might want to wash any new clothes or bedding to remove harsh substances that could irritate your newborns’ delicate skin.

There are detergents specially designed to be kind on a baby’s skin. You may want to research them.

Do your homework and read web reviews to find a gentle shampoo for them. A product with natural ingredients that says on the package it is tear-free is a good starting point.

You’ll also want to find the right diapers. Thirsties diapers are available online, and you can stock up easily before the due date.

Pack a Hospital Bag for Delivery

Your labor is going to happen soon so try to pack the essentials now for your hospital stay. Prep your overnight bag a few weeks before your due date so you’re not caught out. In your hospital bag, include anything you need for before and after the birth, including:

  • Your birth plan
  • Diapers
  • A change of clothes for you and your baby
  • Emergency contact numbers, and
  • Any other comforts you may require during the hospital stay

Along with creating a hospital bag for delivery, also learn the quickest route to the hospital. For the emergency contact numbers, examples are your GP, midwife, friends, and members if you need help getting to the hospital, for example. Make sure your car is always full up with gas in the weeks leading up to the birth. Running out of gas on the way to or from the hospital would be stressful, inconvenient, and time-consuming too.

Tidy the House and Prepare Meals

Returning to a messy home and empty shelves after giving birth will be the last thing you need. Clean up the house regularly in the time leading up the due date; if you’re not able to move around easily, which is likely as the special day approaches, ask your partner to pitch in with vacuuming and other tasks. Hopefully you two have an equal partnership anyway where you divide household chores.

When the place is tidy then you’ll have a soothing relaxing space to come home to with your baby. Lowering stress is a good thing! Stock up on food and maybe prepare meals in advance too. You and your partner’s focus will be on the newborn, and chances are you’ll both be tired, so take some pressure off by having easy-to-prepare meals.

Don’t Forget about the Pets

Don’t forget about those furry friends at the same time that you prepare the hospital bag for delivery. You likely won’t know how much time you’ll be in the hospital to arrange for someone close to watch your pets.

Also, spend time getting your furry loved one ready for the new baby. This guide provides tips for introducing your dogs to your baby.


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  1. This is such a wondrous, joyful event! I would suggest that you discuss with your significant other beforehand whether or not and how much of the birth you feel comfortable with being filmed. While birth is a miraculous event that should be celebrated, everyone has different comfort levels with what could or should be shown on camera.

  2. Its blogs like this that continue to undermine womens’ ability to breastfeed their babies with comments like: “Make a baby essentials list now so you won’t have to make any stops on the way home from the hospital for the right baby formula or diapers.”
    Formula is proven to be detrimental to a baby’s health increasing the risk of many health conditions & illnesses. You make no mention of breastfeeding in your post. Perhaps suggesting that women attend a breastfeeding education class to find out some helpful information before they ‘bring their newborn home’ would be a more appropriate suggestion.

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