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6 Reasons Why We Avoid the Dentist

If you avoid the dentist then you risk bad oral health

Even as kids, nobody really looks forward to going to the dentist, but unlike some of the other common fears of childhood that we eventually get over, very few people relish the idea of going to the dentist even after once grown up! Of course, the reasons change from an irrational fear of a man in a white coat to more practical reasons. But, even then, the outcome remains the same. As going to the dentist for regular checkups is necessary for good oral health, a fear of this professional can be a problem. To understand the issue better, let’s look at the 6 most common reasons why we avoid the dentist, even as adults.

Cost of Oral Health Treatment

The most logical, practical, and understandable reason as to why people avoid the dentist in the U.S. is, of course, the high price of treatment in the country. Nearly half the people who don’t go to the dentist regularly, do so because they don’t have dental insurance.

The financial aspect of dental checkups and oral health procedures is a real problem right now. People who cannot afford regular dental care have a very valid, albeit sad reason to avoid the dental clinic.

Lack of Time

We all lead busy lives and, naturally, there’s little spare time. When balancing family with work gets tough, dental appointments can become low on the priority list for a long time. That’s not uncommon. If you are in Knoxville though, there’s an easy solution.

An appointment at a reputable dental clinic can be booked in just a few easy steps right from your laptop or phone. Once you make your appointment and set a time, all you need to do is show up as scheduled for the visit. For dental emergencies, the appointment can be as soon as the day of booking.

Fear the Dentist? Nah, It’s Just Laziness

Sometimes, the only thing holding us back from seeing the dentist is our own laziness, and the rest of the reasons are just excuses to justify that laziness! This is a fact and most of us who do it, know it.

Usually, it starts with postponing or canceling one appointment. Then, before we know it, months pass, and we have seemingly practical excuses for not going to the dentist.

We’ll save money and time if we avoid the dentist; two examples of excuses. Sometimes, all we need to break out of the laziness is a conscious and sincere effort to book an appointment and keep it.

Bad Experiences

As children, some of us had bad times in the dentist’s chair. Perhaps those negative experiences developed into a general aversiveness towards dental professionals in general. Maybe it was an encounter with a rude dentist or botched dental work. To get over the bad memories, find a clinic that offers professional and courteous services for dental replacement options and more. Remember you’re not a child anymore, so you can simply switch dentists if you don’t like them on the first visit.

The Absence of Dental Problems

If you don’t have any oral health problems, why should you go to the dentist? Well, if you don’t get a checkup every few months or even once a year, your oral health is at risk. While you may assume you don’t need a checkup because you have no oral pain or discomfort, this way of thinking isn’t very practical.

The mouth is the primary orifice of entry to the human body. Everything from air and food to bacteria and toxins go through it first. As a result, it is possible for anyone to develop tooth or gum problems, without any symptoms to warn you about it. During a routine checkup, a dentist looks for early signs you may not even notice and treats underlying issues before things get worse. Early detection will also keep treatment costs to a minimum. Meanwhile delaying checkups might only postpone and increase the damage to your health and finances. Abscess teeth, dental infections, hidden cavities, early signs of oral cancer, etc. can remain undiscovered for years.

Avoid the Dentist for Fear of Bad News

What is another common reason why many people avoid the dentist? A fear of getting bad news. Nobody likes to hear that they have multiple hidden cavities or periodontal disease, or something even worse. They are simply afraid of finding out what might be wrong with their oral health until it is no longer ignorable. As you can imagine, this is a relatable but wrong thought process. Why? Most people who go to the dentist do not hear really bad news and hardly ever need any serious procedures. Even if they do need treatment, modern dental science is at a point where it doesn’t have to be painful or long-lasting.

On the off chance that the patient has a serious oral disease or condition, the earlier it’s detected, the higher the chances of successful treatment. The longer you wait, recovery will take longer (if possible at all), and it will be more expensive too.

Can you relate to any of these reasons to avoid the dentist? I know I’ve been guilty of the laziness one! The reality is that we all think about skipping the dentist appointments every once in a while. What is more important is the realization that regularly seeing the dentist is needed for good oral health. Do so at least every few months, and sooner if you have pressing issues with a tooth or your gums. Now get ready to show that beautiful smile!

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    1. My dad used to be the same way but he’s worked through it and now the anxiety of going to dental appointments is less. I hope you continue to go so that your teeth will be healthy.

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