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5 Ways to Lose Weight if You Have PCOS

lose weight if you have PCOS

PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, can affect the lives of women, not only physically impacting health but also affecting mental health. Studies have shown that this commonly present syndrome shows its colors in the form of a sudden rise in body weight, depressed mood, and several other symptoms, such as acne issues. While there is no cure for PCOS, certain methods have been proven to help women with weight loss and more. This article offers some effective tips to help you fight the battle against the increasing pounds while suffering from PCOS. Here are 5 ways to lose weight if you have PCOS.

1. Follow keto diet

Ketogenic diet is high in fat content and limits the level of carb intake. As a result of this, weight loss is possible. Another beneficial thing that comes along keto diet is the decrease in insulin level which is also a hidden culprit when it comes to PCOS. Diet for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome should be selected in a way that insulin level, as well as body weight, can be reduced and fortunately, the keto diet does both the jobs for you. Several studies have shown that a keto diet is helpful in weight loss and elevating your self-esteem level.

2. Cut the junk food from your lifestyle

For the matter of fact, junk food is responsible for the condition of most of the obese people because of being unnecessarily high in calorie count. If you are planning to lose weight if you have PCOS, there shouldn’t be any room for these junk food items in your house. Avoid binge eating and strictly limit yourself to the food according to your meal chart.

At the beginning, you may have trouble adjusting. Limiting your food intake can be hard, that’s why looking into appetite suppressants can be a good solution. They will help you ease into the new diet slowly.

3. Regular exercising for weight loss

lose weight if you have PCOS
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If you have PCOS, the chances are that you deal with high insulin levels. Regularly exercising can help you in this regard. However, only start your exercise routine only after consulting a health expert to get the approval. Choose the exercise that majorly focuses on reducing body fat and improving insulin resistance at the same time. Body weight exercises along with weight lifting ones can be very beneficial for weight loss.

4. Practice stress relieving techniques

Stress is also known to be one of the major reasons for the increasing weight, especially if you have PCOS. Another important thing to mention here is the increased tendency of binge eating due to stress. Doing so can cause weight gain. But following techniques such as meditation, you not only make yourself stress-free but also reduce the likeliness of habits like overeating. Best thing is that you can easily carry out such practices without any need of any special setup. There are several websites and mobile apps that can make the job easier for you.

5. Keep yourself hydrated to help lose weight if you have PCOS

Last but not the least –you need to clearly understand that water is the key when it comes to weight loss. Women with PCOS are generally recommended to drink more water so that they can lose these extra kilograms easily. Another important thing to keep in mind is to replace all the sugary beverages with water. Then see the changes that follow. This will not only save you from intaking the huge amount of calories contained in these sugary beverages but will also keep your body hydrated. Dehydration often leads to symptoms like fatigue and can make you feel very tired and dizzy. So, why not choose the easy solution?

20 thoughts on “5 Ways to Lose Weight if You Have PCOS”

    1. I’m pleased you found what worked for you with PCOS, Katie. The Keto diet does seem beneficial for many. I hope you are having a nice day.

    1. Hopefully it will help them shed pounds if they want to. They will still have PCOS but weight loss can bring not only health improvements but also increased self confidence.

  1. Hello Christy,

    I vote from keto diet. I can say from my own experience, and I am in the sport my whole life, that this diet is the best.It’s good because you preserve muscle mass,and you loss fat.Some diets have the opposite effect :)

    1. Oh my goodness, it’s hot over here too! Yes, have a glass of water by your computer, okay. Hugs

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