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5 ways to improve your personal safety

She wonders if it's safe out there

In order to enjoy a long and happy life, it is vital that you take steps to improve your personal safety. Under no circumstances should you take your well-being for granted. Life is full of twists and turns, so you need to prepare for anything. If you feel as though you could be doing more to protect your health and happiness, now is the time to make a change. Below are 5 suggested scenarios to help keep you safe.

Personal safety in your home

When you spend your time at home, you should feel completely safe. Instead of worrying about outside dangers, you can escape to your own private haven. However, this haven will only be possible if you invest in your household security.

Walk around the perimeter of your property and identify any potential points of access. Then get to work strengthening your doors, reinforcing your windows, and installing an effective alarm system. You should also think about setting up a neighborhood watch program in your local community.

Making it through your workday

If you currently work full-time, it is vital that you are safe and secure in your workspace. Whatever happens, make sure that you don’t get roped into doing something that you are uncomfortable with.

Whether it’s carrying heavy boxes or sitting in a damp office, you shouldn’t be taking any risks with your health. Now is the time to read through your employment contract and look out for any areas where your rights are being violated.

For personal safety and peace of mind, ensure the car is in good working condition
Do you feel your car is safe? Get regular checkups to make sure. Photo from Pexels.

Driving in your car & personal safety

It is also important that you feel extremely safe when driving your car. If you are going to achieve this, you will need to schedule regular road maintenance for your vehicle.

This will help give you peace of mind, as you are aware of any issues early on. In the UK, these are known as MOTs. In addition to this, you should invest in high-quality accessories for your ride.

You can increase your confidence level by reading helpful online reviews. For instance, this Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Review. Why run the risk of struggling to see in the rain, when one purchase could make all the difference?

Personal safety while on vacation

You will also need to protect your rights when you are on vacation. The first step is to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy. The next step is to read up on the location that you plan to visit.

The final step is to keep your guard up at all times. Although it is vital that you relax during your vacations, you should never lose sight of your possessions. It is also important that you steer clear of dubious individuals who could have questionable motives.

Spending your time in public

Finally, make your personal safety a priority whenever you are out in public. In a similar manner to your vacation, you will need to keep your possessions close by.

If you’re lucky enough to own flashy and expensive gadgets, try to avoid leaving them out in the open or making it totally obvious what they are. For example, a laptop case isn’t ideal for carrying laptops that have your private info in them; there are better ways to carry your laptop securely. Hopefully, this will safeguard you against muggers and pickpockets.

35 thoughts on “5 ways to improve your personal safety”

    1. Whoops! Sorry about that. I was typing that when my daughter started to college, I made sure she had a pocket-size dispenser of pepper spray to carry with her around campus. She acted unfazed, but it made me feel more secure that she had it!

  1. Such an informative post once again, Christy. Personal safety is something valuable and something we should not take for granted. Agree with all of your points. I am mindful to lock my door once I come home, and make sure my front door is really locked before I go to bed. I also like to make sure I have my phone near me when I sleep, and really at all times. So if anything happens or I get lost or fall sick, I can get help right away and put my well-being first. When I’m on vacation, I do like to be prepared and map out routes where I want to go and also leave a copy of my itinerary behind at home so others know of my whereabouts.

  2. I would also add in respect of driving to lock the doors of the car from the inside when driving in large built up areas, and to never leave any belongings in sight in the car when it is unoccupied

    1. I totally missed this comment, Michael! Sorry and thanks as always for your continued support. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love these. ;) You know, I was going to go hiking by myself yesterday and then ultimately decided against it. I was going to be miles from town and miles from anyone I knew, so I decided that it just wasn’t worth it to be hiking by myself. I was doing a silent retreat and couldn’t bring my dog. Now, if I had been able to bring my big ol’ doggie, I wouldn’t have had a care in the world. Big dogs are a good safety measure. lol. Hope you’re well, sweet friend!

    1. It’s a great shame you didn’t feel like you could go hiking by yourself. Perhaps you live in a dangerous area? When I am well enough, I hike alone quite a bit, I always take a mobile phone in case of issues as well as a map, both a paper one and also a mobile app. You could also advise a friend where you are going to put your mind at rest, and take a rape alarm too for piece of mind. In my experience, the majority of people who hike have similar interests to me, seem to have a similar outlook on life, and are nice and friendly.

  4. Feeling secure and safe is so important to our well-being. Great post. May I add…I have used my phone more than once during traffic confrontations. At a stop light once, the guy in front of me got out of his car and came at me to threaten me. I immediately started videoing him from my phone. As soon as he saw that he turned around and went right back to his car. Which I also videoed to get his license. Crazy, right?

    1. Oh wow I’m glad you brought up that point AND that having the phone worked in your favor –>> The phone as security is definitely a good point. There are security-based apps too for the phone.

    1. I’m glad you’re staying cognizant of your personal safety, Robbie. Also, thank you kindly for the social shares – I was catching up today!

    1. Thanks, Norah. I think many people mistakenly think they are safe at home but it’s not always the case, unfortunately.

  5. You could move to rural-ish New Mexico…I’m losing my urban edge, though. Once I even left my bag unattended when I went up to the counter in a cafe. Another time I forgot it in the restaurant–somebody turned it in, and everything was still there. I didn’t even have to cancel my cards…nobody even scanned them and started using them. LOL

    1. Wow, that DOES sound like a good place to live :) It’s nice to hear that there are still pockets of the world where we don’t have to be on edge 24/7. I hope you’re having a nice weekend :)

    1. Great post that you recommend here, Tina. I think we all need to think ahead and you’re quite right that it’s especially relevant when dating. Hugs <3

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