The Road To Recovery Doesn’t Have To Be Long

Illness or injury? Follow the doctor's orders
Feeling sick? Get on the road to recovery faster with these tips. Photo via Pixabay.

Some people make their road to recovery so much longer than it needs to be. From finding the source of the problem and dealing with it, to helping themselves with the recovery afterwards. But there’s nothing worse than being ill or injured, so why would you want to drag out your recovery process? There’s so many things that you can do to try and speed things up, and the sooner you’re able to get back to your normal life, the happier you’re going to be. We’ve got a few general tips for you to follow, whether you’re injured or sick, if you want to resume normal life as quickly as possible. If you have to take time off work because of your injury or illness, this is going to be even more of a priority for you. So, without further ado, here’s how you can speed up the road to recovery.

Illness or injury? Follow the doctor's orders
Feeling sick? Get on the road to recovery faster with these tips. Photo via Pixabay.

Doctor’s Orders

The one thing that you should always try and listen to is the doctor’s orders. So many people seem to ignore the advice they’re given, when that very advice can mean the difference between a speedy recovery and a long road. If they tell you to take a week off work, take it! A lot of contracts with companies state the amount of time you’re allowed to take away from work paid, but don’t let that put you off. If you’re a loyal employee, you could always try talking to them and see if there is any leniency with the situation. Don’t jeopardize your health just because you need the money. There’s always a way to deal with money problems, and if it is a serious injury then family can hopefully help out with the costs.

Another thing that people are reluctant to do is have the treatment that their doctor suggests in the first place. It could be due to nerves, ignorance about the problem, or just finding the whole situation a nuisance. For example, if you need ankle surgery, it would mean taking some time off work, which takes us back to the issue that people have with taking the time off work due to money. We can all agree an ankle is a pretty important part of the body. The longer you leave an issue with the foot or ankle, the more it’s going to get progressively worse. Bite the bullet and do whatever the doctor is asking for you to do. You’ll feel so much better for it in the long run, even if it does make you feel slightly worse in the beginning.

Further Treatment

If, after the initial treatment, you need additional treatment to try and rectify the problem, then you’re going to need to figure out what the best plan of action is for you. It’s not uncommon for further treatment to be needed. But if it already disrupted your life so much the first time round, then it’s easy to see why you would be reluctant to take it any further. If it’s something serious, such as a heart condition, you really have no choice but to undertake any treatment that they order for you. However, if you’re dealing with a minor issue in comparison to something major such as the heart, then a lot of the discretion is down to you.

Let’s take the ankle as an example again. If the first round of treatment you had was a success in your eyes, and you feel as though your life is back to normal and pain-free, then you’re well within your right to reject more treatment. Sometimes more damage can be done by meddling with something that is no longer painful rather than leaving it alone and seeing how it progresses. However, if you do feel anything flare up again, it’s so important that you take a trip back to the doctor to restart your treatment.

Diet Counts

It goes without saying that you should be living a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet, no matter what. Diet is everything when it comes to recovery, but it’s a step that people tend to ignore. Whether you’re ill or injured, your body is working hard to try and get you better as quickly as possible. The only way it’s going to be able to do that properly is if you’re giving it the right mixture of vitamins and minerals to help the process. Even if you struggle to eat a balanced diet on a regular basis, just forcing yourself to for one night is going to make such a big difference.

Always start the day with a healthy breakfast. Something like fruit and yogurt, porridge, poached eggs on seeded bread etc. Make sure the rest of your day is filled with a mixture of vegetables and meats to help speed up the process. If you can limit yourself to as little junk food and fizzy soda as possible a day, you’ll feel so much better overall. It’s also important to make sure you drink plenty of water each day to stay hydrated. Around two liters should do the trick!

Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments is something a lot of people seem to forget about. To think holistically, you have to look at the bigger picture. So, we’re talking about how your illness or injury might be making you feel mentally or spiritually. A lot of people don’t believe in spiritual healing, but those that try it claim it makes them feel so much better, and gives them a clearer head when it comes to thinking through problems. If you’re really not into that, you could try guided meditation instead to see if that helps you. Meditation helps empty the mind and encourages you to relax. Given that relaxing while ill or injured can obviously be difficult, something like meditation might really be what you need to unwind and forget about your troubles. There are plenty of apps that can help with guided meditation; just a quick Google search will show you some of the best.

If you’re ill or injured, use the tips n this article should help speed up the road to recovery for you. May it be a smooth journey that returns you to full strength.


  1. When I was working, my employer was wonderful to me. They understood that my anxiety would get the best of me, and they would allow me to take time off, which was very gracious of them. Naturally, if I used up my personal time, I obviously lost my pay, but they gave me options to work extra hours to gain time back. I was very fortunate to have been with them.

  2. More excellence from you my friend. It always boggles the mind why sick people go to work to spread their germs which gets others sick and leaves the illness recirculating. If you’re sick stay home for those critical days, heal and don’t male others sick. 🙂 <3

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