Reasons You Are Struggling To Focus And What To Do About It

This woman has trouble concentrating at work
She's doing her best to focus but it's just not happening! Why is that? Photo via Pixabay.

Are you finding it difficult to focus lately? Can’t concentrate on your work? Perhaps you are mid-task and find yourself looking out the window or even forgetting what you were supposed to be doing? We all go through periods where we struggle to focus and concentrate. The key to overcoming this is to find out why you can’t focus in the first place. Read on for some of the most common reasons for a lack of focus, as well as what you can do about it…

This woman has trouble concentrating at work
She’s doing her best to focus but it’s just not happening! Why is that? Photo via Pixabay.

Your emotions are getting in the way

Our emotional state has a massive impact on the quality of our concentration levels and, in turn, the results that we can attain. Your performance is going to suffer if you work in an environment that is low on trust and driven based on fear. However, if fear is low and trust is high, you are going to be able to thrive. You need to understand your personal psychology and your emotions, therefore, if you are to achieve sharp focus again. How can you inject some positive emotion into your day? Determine this to boost your engagement levels.

You have lost control

It is easy to feel like you have lost control in many different facets of your life. Once you start to lose structure and can’t focus, tasks get behind, and you find yourself spiraling out of control in your work life. Because of this, your focus only gets worse and worse, especially as you do not even know what you are meant to be focusing on anymore. You need to take a step back and take more control. Create a schedule. Prioritize your tasks. Get your life in order and you will find that your focus levels naturally come back.

You are zapped of energy

You cannot focus if you do not have any energy. Your focus may simply be fading because your energy supply is low. Don’t reach for a quick fix like a chocolate bar or a sugary energy drink. Instead, seek healthy sources of energy and start thinking about how you invest your energy. Are you excreting energy on worthwhile tasks or only wasting it?

Medical reasons

There could be medical reasons why you are struggling to focus. A good example of this is a leaky gut. Poor gut health can show itself in many different ways because it creates imbalances in your gut microbiome. Not only does this lead to weight gain, but also it can cause mood issues and fatigue. And, yes, you guessed it; one of the symptoms is trouble with focus and memory. It is always a good idea to determine whether your lack of focus stems from a different medical issue. You would be surprised by just how interconnected health problems can be and how they show themselves in many different ways within the body.

Your day does not have any structure

Last but not least, another reason why you may not be able to concentrate is because your day does not have any structure. Structure refers to how you shape your day, what flexibility you create, what plans you make, what tasks you take on and what tasks you give to others, what your priorities are, what breaks you take, what hours you keep, what filing system you use, what rules you follow, what boundaries you create, how you spend your time, and so on. When you do not have any of this in your day, chaos reigns and focus is virtually impossible to achieve.

Hopefully, you now have got to the bottom of your lack of focus. Try the advice provided above and see if you are able to concentrate better. Don’t be hard on yourself. We all go through stages when our concentration levels are not as high as usual. Simply make an effort to rectify your focus issues and you will soon notice a difference, enabling you to work more effectively.


  1. Several studies have shown that dehydration is a factor in lack of focus and memory issues. Unfortunately many workers don’t have the opportunity to drink water at their jobs, much less enough bathroom breaks! Exercise and drinking enough water help many situations.

  2. I definitely can relate to the “unstructure day” factor. I am yet to start my teaching job in May so each day is a struggle for me to find productive things to do to pass time. Initially, I just wake up and then have many moments thinking “what can I do?” which led me to shift from one activity to another. Eventually, what I did was to get my day organized by listing a rough timeline of my day the night before. And it definitely helped me.
    Thanks for this post! I also didn’t know that the gut microbiome can affect a person’s focus. 🙂

  3. Great advice, Christy! I’m sure you pointed out the root of the problem for many of us. Stress, exhaustion, problems at home, problems with coworkers/bosses, etc., can all cause problems with focus and concentration. I know from personal experience!

  4. Great article Christy! I was thinking that sometimes we can get used to functioning in a less than optimal manner, for example poor focus. It’s important to be reminded that we can do better, and you’ve really explained some potential culprits in this post.
    Thanks for the reminders!

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