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My Interview with Conscious Talk Magazine

Women's poetry review

When Didi Oviatt of Conscious Talk Magazine (CTM) approached me about an interview, I jumped at the opportunity. Didi is a great writer who I have full confidence in, and she’s a motivator too. I first met her through her self-titled blog, and you may recall her guest blog last year about her experiences as a mom.

I’m so pleased with how the interview at Conscious Talk Magazine turned out!

Women's poetry review
Thank you to Conscious Talk Magazine for having me over for an author interview! Image ©2018 Christy B.

Didi Oviatt asked some great questions, including what advice I have for women who are struggling with independence and finding themselves. Also included in the CTM feature is Didi’s review of Versions of the Self. Here’s a snippet of her review:

“In this book, Christy reveals a side of herself that most people hide. The bravery it took to expose the level of vulnerability here is absolutely commendable. Her heart and soul was tossed around by relationships, both with a lover, herself, and family loss. The angle she took to describe these events and emotions was different than anything I’ve ever read.”

You can read the entire Conscious Talk Magazine feature in the free section of the mag! If you could share the feature or this blog post on your favorite social media network to help generate buzz for it that would be amazing too.

This interview is also part of the paid downloadable Issue #1 as a main feature. You can get the entire magazine at Magzter. A single issue is only a few bucks. And if you’re interested in getting a copy of Versions of the Self, it’s available on Amazon.

Thank you, as always, for the support.

♥ Christy

67 thoughts on “My Interview with Conscious Talk Magazine”

  1. Huge congrats,dear Christy!Btw,I’m a bit confused;you said : I’m working on my third book,which will be short stories … etc.The only one I have is Versions of the Self;which one is the second?Looking forward to your reply.Thank you :)

    1. Thank God I asked you,dear Christy.Thank you for the link,I’ve just seen it & I’ll buy it right away.Is it available in Amazon or shall I use my PayPal account?

    2. Hi Doda! Thank you :) It’s not available on Amazon but instead on the Redmund Productions bookstore (the link to it is in my prior comment to you). When you request the paperback there you’ll be taken right to the PayPal site. Any questions, let me know xx

    3. Hi again dear Christy.I’ve been trying for more than half an hour to buy it with my PayPal account and it says that my username is wrong.I put my email address,didn’t work either.Both are correct,I am certain sure;then there is a choice to be connected through my account.Why?I wouldn’t like it this way.Any help? xxx

    4. Yes,I just got it!I’ve followed excactly the same steps from the very beginning when you said it is not available on Amazon as it was the other one I bought.Go back again to give it another try.Thank you.

    5. Woohoo!!! :) I don’t know how it worked now.I simply put my password as I did before and that was all.I’ll let you know when I receive it :) xxx

    6. One Touch Payment,was not activated on the laptop I started the procedure,that’s why there was all this delay,and I had deactivated it on some of my other devices too … Anyhow,thanks for being patient :)

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring interview, Christy! Congrats on it and that is a lovely photo of you and your book. I discovered you through When Women Inspire, this blog, and then discovered your poetry. I’m not much of a poetry reader but every poem I read from you has such emotive meaning behind it :) In the interview I really like it when you say that each of us are not alone. We might feel alone because we are the odd one out among our group. Some might not appreciate differences but that’s because they probably have never encountered your type of difference and it can take a while to adjust. Keep being who you are and the ones who truly matter will see that :)

    1. Oh Mabel, I do love your comment here. The differences in us are ones to celebrate rather than to hold inside for fear of rejection. Those who truly care about us know this. Your words humble me <3 :)

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