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These 5 alternative health remedies could be exactly what you need

Alternative health remedies like yoga

We tend to focus more on medicinal remedies and traditional assessments of health than alternative health remedies. But this isn’t something that we can blame ourselves for. It’s only natural for us to follow what our families do, and stick with the majority when it comes to finding solutions for poor health.

When all you know is traditional medicine, doctors, and the more accepted ways of healthy living, it’s what you do. But it’s also good to open your mind up to alternatives. Just because Western medicine is what we’re used to, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right or the only solution for your health. In fact, there are plenty of alternative health remedies that could be exactly what you need at some point or another in your life.

1. Alternative health remedies: Massage therapy

We all tend to think of getting a massage as a bit of a luxury. But it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, deciding to get massage therapy is a great way to focus on your health. We all suffer from stress, and that stress can sit on your muscles and harm your health, whether you realize it or not.

Massage therapy can stop that from happening, or at least release the tension to help your health improve itself. Even if you’re suffering from different aches or pains, or problems with other areas of your health, massage therapy can be helpful.

Something like reflexology may even be the key to curing some of your health issues too.

2. Mindfulness and meditation

It’s easy to be afraid of mindfulness. It’s something that we tend to associate with the east and some will even label it as being a bit strange.

But meditation and choosing to be mindful is an incredibly powerful way to control your mind, clear out your mental issues, and unblock stress. Yoga can also help with this and be great for your body.

So, it may be worth giving all three a try.

3. Alternative medicine

Next, we have alternatives to the kind of medicine that you’re used to. It’s normal for you to be prescribed drugs and chemicals to cure yourself.

But they aren’t the only option. There are different, more natural, alternatives like Culta that could help. Even eastern medicinal techniques, such as Chinese methods, could be a cure that improves your health.

4. A bit of relaxation as alternative health remedies

You’ll find that meditation, mindfulness, and yoga are all very relaxing – and sometimes that’s all your need to cure your ailments. Laughter helps too!

When you’re switching off, enjoying yourself, and generally escaping from the stresses of everyday life, powerful things can happen.

5. Good old-fashioned exercise

And you should never write off exercise. We tend to see exercise as a physical cure.

And while that is true, it can also work wonders for your mind. Exercise improves your health, gives you energy, and boosts your happiness.

It may seem like a boring avenue compared to others on the list, but it’s incredible effective. So, be sure to give exercise a go too.

36 thoughts on “These 5 alternative health remedies could be exactly what you need”

  1. After my mum died i wanted a focus for when i woke up in the mornings so i started a mindfulness/meditation practise with ‘Insight Timer’ an app on my phone. I have loved taking that time each day for myself, often just sitting and breathing as i listen to music or words. Ive found it a great help and if i dont do it i really miss it. Ive found it really beneficial.

  2. I do my own version of meditation while walking trails at a local park, which unfortunately this week is covered in snow! Maybe I should pull out my old yoga dvds again? Thanks for the ideas, Christy!

  3. Great post Christy (as always),

    unfortunately we live in such world, in material world.We have a pills for everything ,for sleeping,for awakening,for good mood etc. But in fact, we have that in our bodies.All we need :)

  4. They all sound good to me, Christy. I think my alternative medicine coming up real soon though is sleep. It’s just about time for bed. Have a great week. xx

    1. I once had a massage by a large woman with thick fingers that pressed so hard into my tissues that I had the worst runny nose of my life and could barely walk for a few minutes afterwards. Never met anyone who could do that to me again.

    2. That’s shocking to hear. I hope she has quit her job for good. Thanks for posting this, now I’m going to be on the look out for recommendations before I decide in where to go.

    3. LOL – and here I thought I was praising her. It’s funny how people look for different things. I semi-friend of mine once sent me to this favorite massage place in China, and the guy pressed into my body with elbows and knuckles so hard and fast I had to keep telling my body not to turn over and block him because they felt like assaults. When I complained to him the next day, he was surprised that I didn’t enjoy it.

  5. As usual I feel like this post was mean’t just for me! I have been on the fence about treating myself to a spa day . I think I may be able to convince myself now after reading this post . ;)

  6. I agree with this 100%. As the cost of healthcare continues rise at an increasing rate, we have to begin focusing on prevention strategies and alternative solutions for bettering our overall health.

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