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Stuck for Ideas for Christmas Presents for Your Man?

Power tools for guys this holiday

If you need to buy a Christmas present for your male significant other, you might be thinking what most men want. It’s more likely to be machines and beer than perfume and clothes. If you want to give him something he will remember for a long time, you have to think like a man. Get the present he secretly wants, and he will appreciate you even more.

A New Shed

The best thing you can give a man is a man cave. If he has no shed or his cave is a little bit tattered, you can get it into shape or get a bigger one.

Boost the comfort level by adding a beer fridge or a massive tool cabinet. You can get him some special garage signs to make him feel at home or a heater so he can stay out late on winter nights.

Tools and Man Toys

Many guys like their toys. Power tools, to be precise. If you know that he has been dreaming of a tool for a long time and you can get it for him for Christmas, you will earn some brownie points. Get a toolbox, a power tool, or a paint sprayer to keep him happy and content.

Especially if he is one skilled workman, power tools will surely complete his Christmas. You can explore the best sawhorses and other power tools on for you buying guide.

Sports Coaching

If your man happens to be a sports fan, he will appreciate anything related to his favorite team. Get a special shirt bearing the team’s name or another fun personalized gift.

Or, even better, book him in for one of the FCBC Canada soccer clinics to help improve his skills and have some grownup fun.

Experience Days

If you want to encourage your guy to take on a new sport or hobby or improve his skills at either one, you can book him into an experience day. No matter if he used to be the captain of the local junior shooting team or wants to learn how to fly a small airplane, you can surprise him with a day out to truly enjoy himself.

Does he like challenging climbs? Help him get fit again by gifting him a membership to a local hiking club. Do you think he would enjoy mountain biking or paragliding? Get him a sports taster session and find out for yourself.

Men’s Grooming Services

A lot of men enjoy being pampered. If he plays sports or works out regularly, he will definitely benefit from a men’s spa treatment that involves a sports massage and steam room. Book him a session in the local hotel to take his friends, where they enjoy being groomed and pampered.

Final Words on Gift-Giving

Choosing an amazing present for men can be harder than shopping for women. They are not always open about what they really want and can be very picky.

Focus on their interest and preferences, and ask their friends for suggestions, to help get your present shopping right this Christmas. Or, just ask them outright what they’d like and see what they say – It really can simplify the process!

26 thoughts on “Stuck for Ideas for Christmas Presents for Your Man?”

  1. I didn’t think about tools, it’s actually a perfect idea. This past years I would just ask my wife to go pick something for our father, usually it’s grooming services like barber services and just recently we gave them a complete spa package, of course my mom and mother in law should somewhat enjoy too.

    This holiday probably tools would be great, if not something related to experience like travel and stuff.

    If you are also thinking about barber service I purchased a gift card for a barber package here

  2. Great ideas, Christy. My husband’s interests have evolved over the years, so when I’m stuck for other ideas I can usually gift him something to do with his latest passion to decorate his “man-cave”.

  3. I’ve given my love photos of mine to hang on the wall and other more practical type gifts, He doesn’t really like gift giving though and is really frugal. This year, I am giving him the gift of tidying and we are going to muck out his house. I’m listening to The Magic Art of Tidying Up in preparation.

  4. I love these suggestions here. My honey loves his tools and needs a shed, so I’m thinking about ways to accomplish getting him something he doesn’t already have, or trying to somehow get a shed for him without him noticing! Hehe.
    I hope you’ve had a great week, sweet friend! I’m sending you hugs all around! :) Happy Friday!

  5. Thank you so much for writing this! Yeah, I’m usually at a loss for what to get my husband. He’s definitely a guy but not a “typical” guy. Very introverted, particular, and “refined”. Not a “metrosexual”, but not a regular guy, either lol. He has very narrow interests and specific tastes, and he has a lot going on in his head that I don’t know about–there’s much more that he doesn’t tell me lol. He’s especially tough to buy for, because you want it to be a surprise, yet there are so many potential pitfalls 😉. I know he’s not an Aspie like me, but I’m pretty sure he’s neurodivergent! 💖. This does give me some starting points, though! At least along the lines of guys in general 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. Thank you! 😘❤️

  6. Yes, I guess if you know your man it will be easy to know what he really wants, me a simple guy, just add a great book whose subject I like to my pile!
    Or maybe a very nice bookshelf, ti’s sorely needed. since I got books laying everywhere! :-)

  7. Great ideas, Christy! We have the shed and just had some new fencing done, but my hubby loves Cabela’s, so he’s began perusing the catalogs. :)
    Hugs for a Happy Friday!

  8. I’m at a loss this year, and I’ve got a lot of pressure too – he’s always spoiled. The trick is, his birthday’s the same month.

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