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Why Being Healthy Is Even More Important During Pregnancy

Health for you and baby with yoga class

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important no matter who you are or what you’re going through. And with over 60% of Americans considered obese, it’s something everyone should be striving for. But when you’re pregnant, it’s not just you who is benefiting or being harmed by your lifestyle.

Eating healthily is so important when you’re having a baby as you are literally growing an entire human being inside of you. You need to keep your body fueled so that you can fuel them. A lot of mothers worry about the weight they naturally put on during pregnancy, but dieting while pregnant can be extremely dangerous because you restrict the levels of nutrients and vitamins that your baby needs to develop properly, like iron and vitamin C.

And, on the other end of the spectrum, eating bad things isn’t good either. Your heart is pumping blood around two bodies, even as your baby’s heart is developed, and by clogging your veins, and theirs too, with fat will only cause issues for both of you. If you crave naughty foods then don’t restrict yourself, they’ll only make the cravings worse, but don’t go on an eating frenzy either. If you crave cake, eat a small slice not the entire thing.  

You need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to ensure the healthy weight and development of your baby. There are programs all over the country that help you to stay healthy, particularly if you don’t have a large income. WIC Strong is one of these programs based in New York.

Eating healthily rather than dieting will actually help you to shift that baby weight once your little one is born. It won’t go overnight; your body has to adjust to different things very quickly and needs time to expel all the excess fluids, as well as resettle itself around a larger uterus and squished organs. But keeping up a balanced diet will help that process along a lot better than trying to diet straight away.

You can also help the process with exercise. The common advice given to expecting mothers is to keep up any exercise they currently do – obviously adjusting some areas as baby grows. And even if you’re not big on exercise there are some slow-paced gentle workouts you can get involved in that will help you and baby. Pregnant yoga is a great way to build up your flexibility before labor, and it can help reduce back pain that results from carrying your baby inside and out. This yoga practice can even help to reduce swelling of the body.

Getting yourself into a healthy routine with food and exercise will let you set an optimal path for your new family. It’s so much easier to continue on the healthy living path than to fall back into old routines, purely because you see the benefits of living that way and they far outweigh the benefits of an unhealthy lifestyle.  

12 thoughts on “Why Being Healthy Is Even More Important During Pregnancy”

  1. Great post! I feel that too many women worry about the weight gain during pregnancy rather than eating the proper foods. I had intense cravings that I satisfied in the same way as written in the post – through smaller portions. Also, I feel it is very important for a woman to be physically fit and healthy BEFORE they get pregnant too. I have been through it, and it is difficult! – and i was not a fit individual what so ever before pregnancy.

    I write about different factors of the pregnancy experience and maintaining a positive mindset in my blog also!
    Loved reading this post!

  2. I’ve just posted my blog about being pregnant with my son, I had lots of sickness and things and didn’t get to eat much my bump appeared out of nowhere when i was 34 weeks! Loved reading this!

  3. motherhoodandwine

    Great read! I share the same ideas as you. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant, and if I want ice cream, I have some. I also drink a green smoothie every morning. And prenatal yoga is the best! I actually just wrote a blog about it because it has been such a great tool for me during my pregnancy.

  4. A lovely post, Christy. I put on exactly 11 kg during both of my pregnancy and left the hospital only 2kg heavier after I delivered both of my boys. I gave up spinning during my pregnancies and reverted to swimming and aqua-aerobics.

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