Spotlight on WWII Nurse Marcella LeBeau – Reblog from Pacific Paratrooper


To quote G.P. Cox of the Pacific Paratrooper blog,

This WWII nurse has lived through amazing experiences
A real life story to inspire. Pixabay (CC0) photo.

“Lieutenant LeBeau completed about one year at the hospital in Liege and then was on her way home.  She was discharged at Des Moines, Iowa in February 1946.

She was awarded three bronze stars – for the Rhineland, Northern France, and the Battle of the Bulge. The government of Belgium also presented her and others of their unit with special medals.  Those, however, would not be the end of many special awards for the girl from Promise, South Dakota.”

Please continue reading at the link below to find out more about this inspirational woman!

Source: A WWII Native American Nurse in the ETO – Intermission Story (15)


  1. I LOVE GPs blog, Christy. I am only now reading his post on the contributions of Black Soldiers, so I’ll check this out when I get to the end of that one.
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