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What to consider for a better future as you age

For a better future

Age definitely creeps up on all of us. That might be a stereotypical comment to make, but it invites more important topics of discussion to be thinking about for a better future for you and those who care about you. Here are 4 things you should really be thinking about as age creeps up on you, even if you’re not really that “old” yet.


You might laugh at that idea, but it’s just as important to exercise as you get older as it was when you were in your thirties. If you’re reaching that age at which middle-age becomes old age, you might find that your physical activity has started to slow. It’s a mental thing, above all else.

It becomes more tiring to get out there and go on a run or hit the gym for hours on end. Of course, that’s okay. You don’t need to continue with strenuous activity to keep your body active and healthy for a better future.

Set yourself the simple and relaxing task of moving your body only a little bit but very often. Go on a walk around your local valley with a loved one, and aim to do about 10,000 steps every day.

If you do that then you’ll keep your heart healthy, and that’s the main thing that matters. We worry about our hearts as we age, but regular cardio can be enough to keep it in check.

Plan for a better future in retirement

It’s a bittersweet word. Retirement means the end of work after decades of progressing up the career ladder or perhaps even the same role for years on end.

Still, while the end of work means you can finally relax and enjoy life, it also means you have to start thinking about money and care for yourself as you age. You’ll need to ensure that you’re covered by the state or by personal funds.

You might want to click now if you’re interested in researching your options with regard to care homes. There are lots of great little villages out there which allow elderly folk to retain independence with the added benefit of care and help, should they need it. It’s good to weigh up your options now, even if you’re not yet at the stage of needing assistance with your living.

After all, moving into an independent senior living community could offer you a lot after you finish working. You’ll be surrounded by like minded people in the same boat, and there’s little chance you’ll have to deal with those isolation related worries a lot of the older generation have to deal with.

End those bad habits

Smoking and drinking are the two main things we’ll discuss here, as these are the most common habits that are damaging to the health of the general population. Even young people who smoke or drink experience negative health effects.

So, for the sake of a better future, think about finally quitting the bad habit as you age.

You might have been lucky to not damage your body too greatly up until this point in your life. But you will find that the effects worsen if you continue to damage your lungs and your liver into old age. They’re definitely habits worth kicking.

Happiness and a better future

Nobody can force themselves to be happy, but you should at least set the task of thinking about the things which do make you happy on a daily basis. If you feel that you’re not doing enough of the things you love or seeing enough of the people you love then you need to work harder to make those things happen.

Happiness is integral to living a full life, after all. You deserve to be happy at any and every stage in life.

30 thoughts on “What to consider for a better future as you age”

  1. Another thoughtful write-up, Christy. Age and the years can creep up on us, and agree that by taking care of our health, we will feel much better. Over the last year I’ve started cooking my own meals and eating out less, and I find that my body is feeling much better because of it – and I know what goes exactly into my food and it’s a more cost-efficient way to live. As I’ve gotten older, I”ve realised that not everything will go your way and not everything is perfect. So I do try to make it a point to do something that I really enjoy each day no matter how small. It could be writing a little bit or just watching some YouTube as opposed to just working and doing chores all day :)

  2. Retirement was one of the hardest things for my parents. They wouldn’t accept it and kept going back to work. They did this 3 times! And they don’t even need to money anynore! They are just so use to the routine of going to work. It’s hard to not work as they have too much time on their hands!

  3. Alessandro Tinchini

    You are right, especially on point 4. Life passes too fast, time almost loses meaning and aim and our loved ones get old. In front of this, altercations, misunderstandings and old quarrels must be forgotten, because one day we may regret of not having done so.

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