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Stigma Quote

Very on point. This quote from the Living in Stigma blog shows that there is a still a stigma surrounding mental illness. Reblog!

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  1. Great quote Christy and I agree. Years ago I suffered extreme burnout from work overload. After the usual cordial greeting the doctor passed me a prescription… lol never asked me any pertinent question just wrote me off s fast as his pen could scribble. I made another appointment on the way out with a new doctor. He walked in and I had the first question “Do you treat the symptom or the whole person?” His reply was the whole person… we got along fine after. His suggestion was quit the job and go fishing, do what you live not what you hate.”
    Great advice and the burnout was gone a month later…


  2. Could it because most people – including doctors – do not fully grasp the wide range of mental illnesses out there?

    Depression does not affect one’s faculties – but there are extreme forms of mental illnesses which do. And people think the worst – out of ignorance.

    In a related matter:

    In the 1980s, when my wife was expecting our first child, the doctor kept referring to Lisa as a ‘patient’. During the second visit, I interrupted the doctor in mid-sentence and said my wife is NOT a patient but a mother – or mother-to-be. She was a woman, a doctor and I was a mere man – and therefore, she ignored me and continued referring to Lisa as patient. Back in the 1980s Singapore (and even now) doctors were treated as gods.

    Needless to say, we switched to another doctor. A wonderful gynie whose opening sentence (after greetings) was: ‘So, how is the mother feeling?’ We used the same gynie for all our 3 children.

    Have a great weekend,

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