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Guest Blogging on Compassion

Hi everyone! I’m over visiting with Barbara Franken today to talk about compassion. What does it mean to me and how does it relate to blogging? All that and more is up for discussion over at Barabara’s site Me, My Magnificent Self in the guest post.

Thank you to all who read and comment on the post there. I encourage you to follow Barbara’s site too as it is quite uplifting.

Also, I am grateful for the growing readership here at When Women Inspire. And the manuscript for my third book, which will be a collection of short stories, is coming along well. Being able to write for a living is truly a dream come true. And I couldn’t do it without the support around me, which includes each of you. Hugs.

25 thoughts on “Guest Blogging on Compassion”

  1. It was so great seeing you at Barb’s Christy. I’m glad you’re getting around sharing your wisdom around the WWW. P.S. I left comments twice on Barb’s blog and don’t see them there. Perhaps I’m in spam :( x

    1. Hi Debby, thanks for telling me about the comment issue and I’ve just sent Barbara a note to ask her to check the Spam folder. I’m so lucky to have your support and friendship xx

    2. You’re welcome. I had a big problem last week being sent to people’s dumpsters. I guess Barb’s was the last of it. :) xx

    3. I haven’t heard back from her yet so she might be away. I’ll wait and see.. Glad you’re out of the dumpsters! I’ll be in the sales bins at the grocery store ;)

    1. Thank you, Shey! Your comment over at Barbara’s blog.. it brought me to tears.. happy tears.. you see, I hadn’t taken stock of my progress for a long time.. and what you wrote went straight to my heart.. thank you. Truly. I am.. so grateful. Barbara took my breath away with her post and then you melted my heart ♥

    2. Listen my darling you HAVE travelled that distance. When I first met you here you spoke a bit about where you were and where you hoped to be. You weren’t frightened to do that but you were on the fringes of that darker place. I don’t always think we see the progress we make in life but others do. I see you now looking so at ease and confident and happy. Of course I understand there will be days, be times, but I wanted to say so that others who may be standing where you were can see there are places still to go and it will be worthwhile getting there xxxxx

    3. You keep your head high. I know you will, we can all have wee stumbles but it is the holding the head up that counts, the having the strength to do that and you do my lovely friend xxxx

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