5 Ways to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

Keeping kids safer in summer; protecting against common illnesses
This woman wants to keep her child safe against summertime issues, such as sunstroke. Image via Pexels.
Filling up the camera with kids' photographs
This woman is learning to take better photos of her kids. Photo via Pexels.

If you have kids, chances are you have already filled up your camera memory taking hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of them. Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket at all times, it has become easier than ever to take photos wherever you are. But you may be asking yourself how to take the best quality photos of your kids; the ones that you will be able to look back on for years to come. So, here are a few ways that you can improve the photos you take of your kids.

Get Down to Their Level

If you are constantly taking photos from above your kids, you are much less likely to get quality snaps. Instead, you need to get down to their level so you have the best chance of capturing the world from their perspective.

Sometimes, they are even better if they are taken from below, so don’t be afraid to lie down flat on the ground! This may even work to get your kids giggling so you can take even better shots!

Take Natural Photos

Some of the best photos are not posed shots.
A natural moment between this woman and her child is captured in a photo. Image via Pexels.

Too many posed photos just aren’t really that interesting. Just think of the favorite photos in your collection; how many of them are of people doing forced smiles at the camera. Instead, try to get pictures of your kids playing.

This works even better if they have siblings, friends or your partner who can distract their attention away from the camera. The natural photos are definitely the ones you will treasure in the future.

Play Dress Up

Most kids love to dress up and most parents love to see their kids dressing up so it really is a win-win situation! You probably don’t need any excuse to buy some new cute baby onesies! The sense of joy that kids get from wearing different clothes usually means that you will be able to take some great photos.

Why not join in the fun by dressing up yourself? This is bound to get your kids laughing!

Keep Taking Photos

The beauty of the digital age is that you can take hundreds and hundreds of pictures at no extra cost to yourself!

You can easily delete any that you don’t like and you give yourself the best chance of getting the perfect shot if you take as many as possible. However, make sure you sort through these photos regularly. Otherwise, you will end up with a whole load of unsorted photos and the memorable ones will become lost.

Fill the Frame

Rather than shooting photos where you have no idea who the subject is, you should fill the frame as much as possible. It doesn’t matter too much about getting their whole body in the frame, as long as you can see their facial expressions.

However, a good rule of thumb is not to crop them out at the joints as this gives off a very strange look! Use the zoom function if you are standing further away so you can get a natural shot.   


  1. Yes you are right Christy. taking natural photo’s are best.. Much better than any cheesy smile.. 😉 as our granddaughter often pulls faces when she knows her photo is being taken.. 🙂 xxx Hugs and wishing you a lovely week

  2. I really need a better camera. I have had a lot of bad luck with cameras and I thought I am not spending any more sums of money on them, I will just get a cheap one. But oh dear…. xxxx

    • I tend to just use my phone’s camera, Shey. Those professional ones can be expensive – and then there’s the replacement lenses to buy on top of that! But maybe one day Santa will bring you one! I was going to say maybe the hamsters will do so but.. well.. they’re not always behaving!! xx

  3. My kids are older kids but my nieces and nephews are all little. I love taking candid photos of them, but they are such balls of energy. I end up with tons or blurs and backs of heads LOL.

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