5 Ways to Cope with the Monday Blues

Case of the Mondays, Anyone?
Do you have a case of the Mondays? Photo via BuzzFeed.

When the day of the week is Monday, it seems like the blues are in the air! The color blue is well suited as the one used here, in place of happier colors, such as orange or yellow. You may find Monday to be a difficult day if it signals the first day back to work or school after the weekend. You could describe your mood that day as being low or as a “case of the Mondays” if you’ve seen the movie Office Space. Here are 5 effective ways to cope with the Monday blues.

1. Prepare For Monday

One great way to cope with the Monday blues is to prepare for it beforehand. Yes, you know it’s coming up for you. On Sunday, take the time to relax and take care of yourself in preparation for your day back to school or work.

Exactly how you choose to take care of you varies according to your preferences; you might take a bubble bath or curl up with a book on the couch. The important point here is to pamper yourself and enjoy your day. After the relaxation of Sunday, Monday may not seem so difficult. You are relaxed, which makes you feel stronger on Monday.

2. Remember that Relaxation Period

If you do continue to get the Monday blues, think back to your relaxing activity the day before. Yes, use those thoughts of your me-time to calm you and help you feel stronger.

True, you might at first want to head back to the couch but then you will remember that you can get through this. Take comfort from the thoughts of you in the restful moments to help you cope with the Monday blues.

3. Talk About the Monday Blues

Another way to cope with the Monday blues is to talk about your low feelings with people who support you. Explain to your family and friends that you are feeling sad. You are not looking for them to fix your Monday blues but instead you want someone to talk to and to be heard in the process. You might want a hug or two.

When you talk about your Monday blues out loud, you may find that you release the negative energy as you speak. You expend the negative feelings and are relieved of this burden. Now you are free to be more positive about your day after airing your concerns.

Cure those Monday Blues with Deep Breathing
Use deep breathing to help cure the Monday blues. Photo by Mae Chevrette, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

4. Relaxation Techniques for the Monday Blues

Cope with the Monday blues as well with a series of relaxation techniques. You can use these methods in the mornings before you go to work, during your breaks and even after the work day ends. One method is deep breathing exercises.

Deep breathing releases tension from your body and helps clear your mind. You will feel less stressed after a few sets of deep breathing and feel stronger to get through the rest of your Monday. Also, here are some morning stretches to help improve your day.

5. Positive Self-Talk to Motivate You

Along with talking to others, motivate yourself on Monday with positive self-talk. How you talk to yourself can affect how you cope with your Monday. Talk kindly to yourself and use affirmative statements. Tell yourself that you WILL get through your Monday and that the day is not really as bad as you had imagined.

Tell yourself there are worse things than a Monday and that in less than a week you will again be at the weekend again. Affirmative statements will increase your motivation, lower stress and, as a result, help you to cope with the Monday blues effectively.

There are many ways to cope with the Monday blues. Relax yourself on Monday with deep breathing exercises and use positive self-talk. Speak with family and friends about your low mood and take time on Sunday to prepare for the next day.

Do you have additional tips that help motivate you on Monday? How do you chase away a “case of the Mondays”?
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  1. Reblogged this on People Forward and commented:
    My friend, Christy Birmingham always nails it. Great post. Quick read.
    Monday is the same as every other day to me, so I’m sharing this in the hopes it can be so for my friends as well.

  2. It is a gloomy feeling, sigh!…. I guess all is over as we enter tuesday… that’s how the weekly cycle works… Nice tips Christy!!!!… Hugs for your week. Aquileana 😀

    • Yes, by Tuesday I think many people are more into the routine and all. I hope your Monday is going well and I’m pleased you liked the tips here, Aquileana! Thank you for the wonderful comment and support. Hugs! 🙂

  3. This is a great blog Christy, a fantastic idea. I enjoyed the article and can relate to this…the “Mondays” start creeping in about five pm on Sunday. These are fine ideas for chasing them out..:-D

  4. Great relaxation tips for whatever is causing the blues, Christy. I have never had the Monday Blues. I look at each day as a new day regardless of whether it is Monday, Sunday, or Friday. Before he retired, my husband used to get the blues on Sunday. because it was the day before Monday.

  5. Health stretches and Monday blues elimination tips…I just visualised you as a counsellor and fitness expert, a la Jane Fonda, giving a presentation.. No wonder you are looking so fit and trim…lol.. Keep it up, Christy…xx.

    • Awww! Thank you, Raj. I would totally love to run a fitness class – what fun!! I like going for walks and also like how I feel when I eat healthy (although I do love chocolate). It also makes me smile when I see you 🙂 xx

  6. Good tips, Christy. You are a great mind mender. Your shingle should read: Sunshine and Chocolate. May I add a No. 6? Remember that somebody else always has it worse than you do!

  7. Christy, well said. I agree with all of your points and wish sometimes that I could remember to say no. I have so many hobbies and I try to get involved in so many activities that it is difficult to relax. At some point, I will be able to walk away from some of my responsibilities just to take care of myself. Thank you for the gentle reminder. 🙂

  8. Ahhhh…Now I know how to get rid of the Sunday blues! On Sundays I always got that feeling of dread that the weekend was almost over and I had to go back to work on Monday. So I had both Sunday and Monday blues. Sad way to waste a Sunday, huh? I just retired, so those blue days are over, but I wish I’d read this before I retired. Another tip for Sunday: If you are spiritual, go to church. I know, I know, I know…. its a day to sleep in. But you’d be surprised how a morning at church inspires you and lasts through the week.

  9. Great tips, Christy. I find that scheduling something fun on Mondays helps. A yoga class or having lunch with a friend or work colleague. Or even deciding to have lunch in a park or telling yourself that you’re going to smile at everyone you meet 🙂 Give yourself a treat…maybe it’s ice cream or whatever so that you have something to look forward to. 🙂

  10. I’m going with the color idea here.
    From the intro:
    “blue is well suited as the one used here, in place of happier colors”
    Why not wear a happy color? It could cheer your co-workers up & their better mood would enhance yours.
    Don’t want to be laughed at in those strong happy colors?
    Try strong healing colors. Today I wore teal, turquoise and aqua jacket, scarf, sneakers and nails over all black and charcoal.
    How about a gentle understanding vision in soft pinks, berries, camel, caramel?
    Best of a Monday to you!

  11. These are great tips for any day of the week! I have always wondered why Monday’s have been perceived as blue! Even though I have actually experienced the “blue” feeling. Perhaps it is our subconscious telling us that something has to change, that something is not in sync. Mondays usually signal a beginning, something fresh and new.. We are not blue when the Monday’s fall into our holidays. I especially like your thoughts on positive self-talk. Our conversations with ourselves are essential! Always a great dialogue.

    • I think poor “blue” got pegged as the color of sadness but it deserves better than that. Let’s give bright blue a second chance at being seen as confident and bold. I like that! Oh yes, blue on holiday Mondays is not something that usually happens, good point! You have really added to the conversation here and I thank you for that, Rebecca!!

  12. Great ideas and tips to shake off those Monday blues. I like the idea of keeping some positive thought going to get me through. Thanks Christy! 🙂

  13. I wore a blue (well, navy) shift dress this Monday…. and a lady at work said I was a “pretty girl” which gave me a real boost! Whereas on Friday I had a negative incident. I must try some of these tips, I normally sleep disastrously on Sunday night and have to resort to chocolate on, at least, Monday to keep me going.

  14. I’m all about preparing for the Monday blues and do my best to make Sunday evening as relaxing as possible. Easier said than done at times, but creating relaxing routines can go a long way. I also like to make my weekly list on Sunday afternoon so I can hit the grounding running. Mondays are by far the busiest day of the week! Doesn’t help that so many blog posts get published that day too!

  15. Great post. The topic of Mondays has come up repeatedly this week for some reason. It also helps me if on Friday, I map out what I need to do on Monday. That avoids the “feeling lost” as you try to get back into the work week routine.

  16. Hi Christy, I like your list. Making it a habit to start Monday morning off with hugs is a good one – can keep you going all day.
    Another one that always worked for me – Choose one of your favourite outfits to wear on Mondays and lay it all all the evening before – outfit, accessories, etc – so you start of the day and the week with the least amount of hassle, knowing you look good. It’s a real pickup.

  17. As teacher 33 years always had Monday blues and restless night and awake before that 5:30 AM alarm clock no matter how well prepared I was. It was not the job or the kids but anticipating what the next horror would be imposed on me and others from power crazed administrators. They felt they were not doing their job if staff was afraid and miserable.

  18. Great tips on how to deal with Monday Blues Christy. I just say to myself the day will be over before I know it and it is. 🙂 Hope you are having a good weekend.

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