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On Purple Nails and Reflections about International Women’s Day

Purple on Women's Day

I was going to call this ‘randomness’ but then you might not have read it. Nooo don’t stop reading (Enter The Matrix slow movement of Neo, note to self to see if I can get a full-length coat like his but in deep purple instead). Oh yes, purple.

I told Cassidy, whose blog I have been following for a long time now, that I would share a photo of me with my nails. Purple, sparkly, OPI brand, here you go:

Purple Nails and Reflections
Showing my purple nails and Sunday face. Photo via Christy Birmingham (me!)

And then my mind started the usually whirring. More notes to self and such. I mean, it’s Sunday, so it’s a day to rest, right? Nope, apparently not. Does your mind go on its hamster wheel a lot too? I began thinking about purple, the shade of International Women’s Day. It was a #paintitpurple movement earlier this month. Okay, so here’s the thing. I wondered, why purple?

To the research task, I went, until, I remembered. Resa told me about that. Remember her guest post last year about women’s right to vote? Aha, green, white, and violet were colors worn by women a hundred years ago to signify solidarity.

Today, the tradition of these colors continues as the official international women’s colors. As per the University of Queensland page on International Women’s Day, purple is “for justice, dignity, self reverence and self respect (and the women’s vote).”

And then, I found this video that served as the International Women’s Day Doodle in 2014. You may remember it or it may be new to you. It features over 100 women in it from around the globe. Inspiring women in the clip (1 min., 26 sec.) include Maria da Penha, a women’s rights advocate in Brazil, Dora the Explorer (!!), World Boxing champion Mary Kom, and Maia Sandu, who is the Minister of Education in Moldova.


30 thoughts on “On Purple Nails and Reflections about International Women’s Day”

  1. Watching the video, i kept glancing down at my purple nails.
    Christy, my nails are the same color as yours!! It’s not OPI brand, but it sure looks the same shade of purple!
    Also, I am so honored you noted the post I did last year #Green White Violet.
    This is such an awesome blog, and I am so honored to be a part of it_Resa xo

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Wowowow that’s so cool you and I are matching for nails. I now associate purple with power and love it even more! I loved that guest post from you and thank you again for contributing that here. I send you BIG TIME hugs <3

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Ooohhhh black glitter sounds interesting, Shey! I have seen men and women locally wearing black nails so maybe they are making a comeback?

  2. matthewsimonalexander

    It’s worthwhile knowing your history on subjects as important as this, and if you can utilise nail polish for the cause then why not. BTW: Most of y’all might already know this but there’s a great trailer doing the rounds for a film (titled simply, Suffragette, I think) due out sometime soon. It looks most interesting.

    1. I will look up the trailer for Suffragette, Matthew. I believe it is a British film coming out this year. You’ve reminded me to learn more about it. As for the nails, it was fun to incorporate a bit of my daily life into the blog.

  3. I loved the video, and I actually recognized some of the women in there (besides Dora). Oh Christy, your purple nails are gorgeous. I tried purple once on these old wrinklely, spotted hands and they looked awful. Come to think of it, I don’t know of any color that makes my hands look good. A downside of aging.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      I’m sure you look beautiful inside and out, Michelle, as it’s your spirit that is so lovely! <3

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Hehe yes it’s all matching now!! Thank you, Aquileana, and I hope you are having a nice Monday <3

  4. teagan geneviene

    Christy, your nails look fabulous. (Mine are always awful — i gave up and just paint my toenails). This is a charming post. And a Matrix coat in purple — I’ll have one too please! :D Hugs!

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Oh Teagan I just read your post and about your clothing – AFTER I wrote this one! Funny, hey?! I am giving you a Matrix coat in purple with polka dots :)

    2. teagan geneviene

      Oooh… polka dots too? I got whimsical one day and did a Pinterest board for polka dots… called it “Polka Dotty” (dotty as in crazy). And yes, we did have some synchronicity going! :)

    3. Christy Birmingham

      Hehe Polka Dotty :) I can just see you on a polka dot frenzy. It’s funny when we get something stuck in our minds like that. Thanks for the fun talk!

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