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16 thoughts on “The Long Term Effects of Violence”

  1. I’m sorry to say that it has always been like this. I’m glad to say that it does improve, as history shows. I believe, and have seen, that the will to make the world better keeps on being born and is an indomitable force of nature, even though it can get twisted as we grow. Unfortunately, overall improvement Is rather slow compared with our life spans.

    Posts like this, keep reminding us to press on. Nicely done, both blogger and re-blogger. :-)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Thank you for the addition of your comment here, Graham. So true that improvements can happen slowly, and we must be patient… :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Christy! I went over and read the full article.
    I’d have to be made of stone not to feel sad and angry. I’ve always wanted a world full of love and peace. Having my Art Gowns be ambassadors for charities is the least I can do at this point, and hopefully I will be able to take the idea to a more productive place.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Resa, You are doing so much good for the world and likely far more than you realize ♥ Sending you a great big hug for your encouraging comment here.

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