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Where Do You Get Your Monday Inspiration?

Monday Inspiration

It’s not always easy to find inspiration, particularly on a Monday. It may be that you had an amazing weekend away from work, and now your Monday is a bit stressful as you get back to the work schedule. Or, perhaps you are like me and look out the window at the sunshine and want to be out there in nature rather than finishing a deadline for a client indoors.

I often hear people complaining about Mondays. They explain that it’s not fair that the weekend was so short and how do days off go by so much faster than the working days? I don’t often feel this way as I am self-employed and therefore set my hours and working days. I do however know that time off can go by quickly when you relax your body and mind into it.

When struggling to find inspiration on a Monday such as today, I sometimes read quotes to help give me strength. Sometimes they are from websites devoted to uplifting quotes and other times I get them from social media posts. I also look at books for them.

Other times my inspiration comes in the form of a walk outside. I escape into nature and listen to the voices around me – the birds singing to one another and people talking as I pass by them. It’s never a dull moment when you do so. You maybe like me and find you get new ideas for a project, seemingly out of nowhere, or that you simply feel so relaxed during your break that you return to your office in a better mood.

What other ways do you get your Monday inspiration?

For now, I am off for a walk outdoors. That dose of uplifting is what I crave at the moment. Later, it will be chocolate.

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32 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Your Monday Inspiration?”

  1. My friend when you have motive, you don’t need inspiration.

    Perhaps, most of the time I am too out of mood, at that time I rewind my life back to memories. Memories that I had collected throughout my life.

    I also had a habit to write things I am grateful for.. so whenever I found myself go down, simply i read those list.

    Well, one of my motive can be reflected through Being Bettr! I am completing my engineering studies, was too eager to give back what I learn through my life. It may be small or big .. but some how they for sure changed my life. So as the being bettr starts!

    Inspiration is everywhere .. you just need motive .. why are you doing this? where you want to take it? few questions by asking yourself will make you more clear about your vision of your life. Yes, A friend like you also inspire me too write more. :)

    To the lovely friend, inspiring me always through her beautiful smile. :)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Awe, Swetank! You are very kind with your compliments and you too motivate me! I think friends can be great inspiration for us and so can family :) I am glad you started Being Bettr as the site really does have great potential. With time it will develop and so you will truly become all that you can be! I wish you only the best, buddy!! :) Thanks for the wonderful comment here.

  2. Monday is simply the beginning, I think of it this way. We are welcome to another week, if we uninspired on Monday we will likely be uninspired the remainder of the week as well. It is up to us. I have been slightly uninspired for weeks now, it is on me and up to me to fix it.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Indeed, Val — it IS a choice!! Great perspective. Now, let’s fix up to have a great week, starting today :)

  3. I’ve always kinda liked Mondays and the looming checklist of things to do ;) Weekends are definitely for inspiration though, especially on the weekends when I can go camping and hiking because that always leaves me in a good place for the week again, that whole “thought recollected in tranquility” thing and all. I’ll be gone for the next two weeks, but I’ll see you when I return.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      I’m totally in agreement with you Jeri that taking the weekend away to be out in nature leaves you feeling wonderful on that Monday. Do you find it can be difficult to get into work mode though? Have a great time away… for a whole two weeks! :)

  4. Well, Monday didn’t go well this week. I’m still catching up on Wednesday! I like your idea of reading inspirational quotes. I also use daily affirmations. Music is always inspiring any day of the week!

    1. Christy Birmingham

      I can totally relate to those catch-up days and hope your Monday today is a great one for you, Tricia! ((HUGS))

  5. Ripping week end followed by Monday blues may be what life is like for great many. I find all days to be the same even though I am pursuing a busy corporate career. An early morning walk, listening to classical music or just reading a book are all inspiring and refreshing at the same time…enjoyed your post christy..

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Hi Raj, ah yes a combination of music with a walk sounds delightful. I am glad you are pursuing your career and keep sharing great posts at your site! Take care, my friend.

    1. Basically, however, I’ve always been a contractor, so technically my Mondays are like any other day. But when completing my short term contracts, Mondays were my favorite days simply because I felt renewed from the weekend and my inspiration came from mindfulness and meditation.

    2. Christy Birmingham

      Hi Maria, That sense of renewal that you have paired with Monday is a great point. While many people see the day as being one they dread, they can instead choose to see it as a time to start again and improve from the previous week. I like that line of thinking very much! Thanks!

  6. I love your idea of going for a walk, Christy! I too find walks inspiring and refreshing. In general, a change of scenery can really help with feeling more motivated and ready to jump into work. When I worked in an office long ago, I would put up nature and travel photos on the walls, and change them periodically, to help keep me inspired. Thanks for your wonderful post!

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Thanks for such a wonderful comment here, G! I think that’s a great idea to keep nature photos around your desk when working inside all day – lucky us that we now both do freelance work so we can actually take our walks when we want to! Sending hugs :)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Oh yes, Lauren, walks are amazing in nature, aren’t they?! I love those photos you share of your outings with Copper :)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Ohhhh great that you added here music inspiring you too, Syl! Is there a certain genre you like best for that purpose?

  7. Sometimes, it’s necessary to just be doing nothing at all. I am at the tail end of one project…waiting for a graphic artist to deliver so that i can download my latest book. I have another novel waiting to be worked on and a few ideas roaming around in my mind for new projects but today I just feel like relaxing…enjoying a gorgeous September day. :)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      That’s wonderful, Carol. I think many times we don’t give ourselves permission to simply relax. So glad you are taking time for YOU. It sounds like many exciting moments are soon coming your way too!

  8. I too, get my inspiration when I walk. It is when my mind explores, so I don’t like to walk with anyone. It’s a time to just absorb whatever you mind wanders upon.

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