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Wow Women || Her Story

This book “Her Story: Is Not Always A Story” looks to be an amazing read that opens up discussion about the injustices women face in the workplace and in other areas. I wanted to share an overview of it here, as written on the blog “A Shade of Pen.”


20 thoughts on “Wow Women || Her Story”

  1. If there was a balance between the sensational and the outstanding it would be tenable, but there is not, and ultimately I believe the “bad’ news contributes to the exploitation

    1. Christy Birmingham

      And the bad news never stops… so the exploitation continues… You have summed it up well, Carl.

  2. Women have a right to assert themselves now because even though great advances have been made there are still far too many instances where men seem to be making all the decisions affecting the lives and rights of women and that, in my opinion, tends to create a situation where men still feel they have a right to dominate all aspects of life and living for everyone around them . . . including the woman. Let us not forget that Women are responsible for half of all human beings alive and that is something I believe some men would rather forget sometimes.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Hi John,
      What a great comment to make about there still being so many places women are not equal yet to men… and I use the word “yet”!

      I appreciate that you stand up for women’s rights and took the time to comment here. I would never generalize it to say that all men take advantage of their dominant position but certainly there are some that do… Let’s keep reminding those “forgetful” men about how much women are truly capable of achieving!

  3. Great share and so true. Many times my husband will tell me something he saw on the news and I will say I didn’t hear that. He gets ticked sometimes and says, “If you would have watched the news, you would know.” My reply is usually, “I don’t want to hear about more evils in the world, that’s all the news is about, if it’s good news, it’s not on the news.” Sometimes I’d prefer to tune out. Thanks for sharing this and I will be looking into the book. :)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Hi Deb,
      So nice you are going to look into the book too. I think the message behind it is so important. As I also tend to avoid watching the news, I understand your comment very well. It’s not being ignorant but it’s instead about learning to balance the sadness happening around us with activities that keep us grounded (such as listening to music to relax). HUGS

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