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What No One Tells You About Emma Watson UN Goodwill Ambassador

Actress Emma Watson is more than just a celebrity

If you haven’t heard the update yet, you may be surprised that the newest UN women’s goodwill ambassador is actress and model Emma Watson. The announcement came on July 8 about Watson’s new role in the organization that strives to achieve gender equality. Shock over the choice of 24-year-old Watson may certainly be the response if you know her best (or perhaps solely) as spunky Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series. However, the British actress also has a lot of volunteer work in her portfolio that no one seems to tell you about, which has helped to earn Emma Watson UN honor. Here is more about her charity work.

Emma Watson’s Role in Hurricane Sandy

While the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy will never be forgotten, it is important also to point out who gave their time to help others during the crisis. Emma Watson was one of those helpers.

When her film set got shut down in New York City due to the tremendous storm, she joined the City Meals on Wheels campaign to deliver food along the streets of NYC to homebound elderly and other people in need. While there was no power in the streets, she took power into her own hands by helping give back to the city.

CAMFED and Emma Watson

Did you know that the actress has already been named an ambassador before the Emma Watson UN goodwill ambassador naming? In late 2012, she was named the new ambassador of CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) International.

Within the organization, Watson uses her celebrity to encourage the movement toward the education and support of girls in rural Africa. The main reason for few young females going to school there is poverty; in other words, their families simply can’t afford to send them to school. Money donated to CAMFED helps go toward stationery, uniforms, and more.

Quote about Charity Work
Charity work does a heart good. Emma Watson UN Goodwill Ambassador knows it!

Emma Watson’s Eco-Fashion Line

Sure, Emma Watson could simply model fabulous clothes and enjoy the spotlight without worries about clothing production. But that’s not what she’s doing. Instead, she chooses only to work within the Fair Trade fashion industry.

That’s after People Tree, a company well-known for its fair trade practices, approached Watson. That was back in 2010; they wanted her to help design their first youth fashion line. And she accepted the offer.

It was instantly a hit. Then People Tree asked her to design another collection. But this time she insisted on going to Bangladesh to see the garment manufacturing herself. In particular, where and how workers made the garments.

The production is not in a factory; instead, items come from villages and are 100 percent organic, natural cotton, according to Eluxe Magazine. The public may love the clothes for the celebrity aspect, yes. But I love that she went to see for herself that the fashion pieces are ethically made.

While Emma Watson is a celebrity who has been in several films, she remains grounded in her commitment to charity work. This new role as Emma Watson UN Goodwill Ambassador for women is likely not going to be her last bit of volunteering either.

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    1. Yes, I was excited by the work she has been doing to better the world! Thanks for the support :)

  1. That’s why bring silent but moving is so important,she is doing great things without bringing attention to herself,I love that
    Great post very informative,also inspiring

  2. I’m clearly the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen any Harry Potter films and don’t know who she is, but it does appear as if celebrity hasn’t gone to her head. Good for her and her work.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Hi Roger, not to worry about being out of the Harry Potter loop. I don’t watch Game of Thrones and that is a huge hit right now. To each his/her own :)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Thank you, Matthew. If this post can have a positive impact then that would be amazing!

  3. Interesting and I wouldn’t have know without you posting it. ( I don’t know if that’s sad or lucky. I’ll go with lucky.) So from you, to Cee, to me, and back to you. Excellent. Full circle. ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Oh yes, I KNOW! Just to be one ambassador would be a lot – it amazed me too, Aqui! Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you too :) I hope you have a wonderful evening xo

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