Practical Skills That All Parents Should Teach Their Children

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what my kids learned in school today?” Depending on the quality of schooling your child gets, you might think that they’re not learning anything useful for life. This sentiment could be echoed by yourself if you personally didn’t learn much in school and you were forced to learn how to take care of yourself or studied how your parents did things.

There are plenty of practical skills that are still not taught in schools. The following skills are crucial to the development of your child and should be taught as early as possible.

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How to Help Your Children Become Responsible and Community-Focused

Parents want their kids to grow up with the right priorities and values, and that’s a good thing. One of the most important things of all to many people is a sense of community and collaboration. Getting along with the people around you is good and positive, and it’s something to try to instill in your children too. You’ll want them to be a part of the community and to enjoy their role in it, so how can you make that happen?

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Bless This Mess: Eating With Your Toddler

When to get your baby started on solids is a pretty individual decision. However, by the time they’re toddling about, they’re usually eating solid foods of some kind. By that age, they often start to talk too, which isn’t always great when it’s time to sit down for dinner as they’re quite distracted. Figuring out how to do dinner with your toddler is yet another parenting obstacle to overcome, but most parents work it out eventually. There are a few different things you might want to think about to make it a pleasant time for you and your toddler. Here’s how to have a relaxed dinner with someone who still eats with their hands 90% of the time. Continue reading