What to Include in a Dream Home?

“I think of myself not just as a dreamer, but as a dream chaser.”

~ Sarah Brightman

Not only do I want you all to dream but to go after those dreams! That’s why Sarah Brightman’s quote above speaks to me and so I include it in this post sponsored by Direct Bifold Doors, who compensated me for my honest opinions about their products. All opinions are my own.

Dreams can be about so many things – from career to family and vacations. It can also be about the home you would want to live in one day. Sometimes I think about stepping out of the condo life and into a house. There would be no neighbors above me, and I’d have more room to spread out my pages of writing notes and books to read.

It’s motivating to think now about what I would include in my dream home down the road; it keeps me fired up to keep writing to get to that point! Here are some of the things I would include in that special house one day:

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Finding Your Dream House: What Are Your Options?

Property decisions

To buy or rent – that is the question. Photo via Pexels (CC0).

When it comes to finding your dream house, it usually isn’t as easy as locating it, moving in, and setting everything up perfectly. Instead, you’re more likely to find several different road blocks and bumps along the way. Firstly, the right place may take some time to go on the market. And that’s not all. Secondly, you may not even know what your dream house looks like in the first place. When you’re faced with a lot of different options, it can be hard to whittle them down and choose the right one. So, let’s take a look at what you could consider in the hope that your perfect choice will become clear. Continue reading

The Best Parts Of Family Life

There’s nothing better than family, whether they’re blood relatives or those close to you who have become so close you call them family. They’re there for you more than anyone else, and when no one else will. Value them, even through those horrible teenage years where you’d swear you hated them. Deep down your love is so strong that it creates an unbreakable bond. As you get older and create a family of your own, you’ll treasure family time more than ever. Whether that be with your partner and children, or with your brothers, sisters, mom or dad. You’ll love to hate them at times, but having your own little brood will change your life forever. When it comes to quality family time, read on to find out how you can make it the best it can be.

Treasure family time at home and abroad

Having your own little brood will change your life forever. Pixabay photo, CC0 Creative Commons.

Home Life

Many of you know a little too well that home life can be a little stressful, right from the minute you walk through the door on the first day of bringing your child home, through to the minute they leave the nest. But this is what makes it all so special. The highs and lows you go through are normal, as are the memories you’ll one day look back on and laugh about. Let’s take a walk through how family life goes through the years. In the first year, you’ll have so much joy that you could burst, and at the same time will be so tired you could cry. You’ll hit major developmental milestones such as smiling, laughing, crawling, and walking. All of which are some of the most special times as a mother. You’ll have to endure the terrible two’s, where the tantrums will be in full swing. Some days you’ll feel as though you’re doing something wrong as a mother. But you’ll come to learn children just don’t like being told no. This one never seems to disappear. Then you’ll head into the years of sending them off to kindergarten; this is going to be one of the most emotional times for you. But it’s also the time where you can have a little breather, and learn how much you’ve missed a bit of peace and quiet.

Then you’ll have the high school years. You’ll be plunged back into the tantrum and stubborn years. Sometimes hormones are all too hard to deal with, and they turn into angry, mom-hating people. But, don’t worry, this stage doesn’t last for long either. Just help them through it as any mother would. Use it as a time to get closer to them, rather than let them push you away. Take them out shopping or for lunch, and try and be a part of their world as much as they will let you. You’ll most likely have to witness their first heartbreak as well, which is always painful for the both of you. When this time comes, get chocolate, ice cream, sweets, sad films, and cry it out with them. Netflix and junk food will become their best friend for a while. There’s nothing like a good cry to get it out their system, so See the best sad movies on Netflix: https://netflixupdate.com/sad-movies-on-netflix/ to put a good film on.

Then will come the saddest time of all. You’ll have so much family time to look back on, and so many amazing memories to cherish, but soon enough you’ll find them flying the nest. This is when junk food and Netflix might become your best friend too. You’ll have spent most the years dreaming of the day they would move out, yet when it comes to it you’ll become a blubbering mess and wish they’d stay. But when this time comes, you know you’ve completed your job as a mother. They’re independent enough and have the right life skills to survive on their own. Before you know it, you’ll be at the stage in your life where they’re looking after you. Whether they’re moving to college, or moving into their own apartment, you’ll still always be their mother, and you’ll most likely still be the one they ask to do their laundry every week because some things will just never change.


In the midst of all the craziness of family life, you’ll have some amazing holidays thrown in that are among the most exciting times ever. Often, you’ll be even more excited than your kids. The chance to get away with the people you love the most is something you look forward to all year round. Whether it be a summer holiday or a winter escape, your children will be just as excited as you, no matter what age they are. We all know how stressful a holiday with younger children can be. It can sometimes be a little more time consuming than home life, especially if when at home they’d be at daycare for part of it. But you need to be able to put a positive spin on every aspect of a holiday. You’re making memories that none of you will ever forget. Looking back on your own childhood, you’ll likely remember how fun family holidays were and how much you treasure them.

Make as many memories as you can while they’re still young. As they move through into teenage years, holidays change for everyone involved. They can get involved in things such as going on the same rides as you at theme parks and water parks. They’ll also be a little more capable of looking after themselves, leaving you with more time to relax. But these are also some of the best times as well. The memories you can create where everyone is involved doing something that makes them happy on vacation is magical. Mix up the types of holidays you do too. Try city escapes as well as some summer sun. Learning at the same time as your children is such a good way to bond and help their minds grow.