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4 Different Ways People Consume Herbs

How consume herbs

When it comes to herbs, there are many methods of consumption. The way someone consumes herbs depends on several factors. These include personal circumstances, budget, setting, and lifestyle. For instance, people with cardiopulmonary health conditions cannot consume herbs through combustion, which means they must find different ways of consumption (only if given their doctor’s approval first to consume in the first place). Here are four different ways people consume herbs and some insight into why they make these choices.


Those who have pre-existing conditions that make it a serious health risk for them to smoke may choose to vape instead. There are plenty of vaping devices and vape juices on the market nowadays, and you can easily find CBD (cannabidiol) oils to use in vapes too. Only do so after receiving your doctor’s go-ahead.

Vapes work by heating up vape juices or oils to a specific temperature to create vapor. Furthermore, there are vape juices that do not contain any nicotine at all.

A dry herb vaporizer device works in a similar way to traditional vaping devices. Dry herb vaporizers heat up dry herbs to a certain temperature to vaporize the product. When inhaled, people can enjoy the effects of the vapor.

Compared to combustion, vaporizing herbs can help release intricate flavors you are less likely to experience when burning the product. Dry herbs consumed using a vaporizer often last longer than other methods of consumption, and once they have reached the end of their life in a vape, they can be removed and used in edibles. Nectar Medical Vapes specializes in vaporizers and CBD products. For more information, visit


Herb edibles include a wide variety of products that can be eaten in food or drink form. This includes tea, sweets, cakes, and even yogurt.

Depending on where you purchase your edibles, the results can vary. With edibles purchased from an unknown source, you never know what exactly you are consuming. The dosage could be incredibly high, which could lead to accidentally taking a larger dose than originally intended. Alternatively, the dosage could be too low for your needs.

To get the right dose, you can create your own edibles or purchase them from a reliable source. As mentioned earlier, dry herbs that have been fully vaporized can be reused in edibles.


Another popular way that people consume herbs is by creating blends for teas. This is done simply by breaking up the herbs you want to use into smaller pieces, and adding them to hot water, often in an infuser, so they can be strained out once the tea is strong enough to taste.


Pressing herbs into soaps helps infuse the soap with the herbal properties, which can then be applied to the skin as it is used and makes the soap smell nice. It is a practice that has been happening for as long as soaps have been created. Herbs can also be similarly added to creams and oils.

Always check with your doctor before changing what you consume as they know your body best. This article is not intended to replace medical advice.

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