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How to become an ethereum developer?

Ethereum developer

Interested in becoming a cryptocurrency designer? What is an ETH or Ethereum developer, and how to become one? Find suggestions here.

An intro

Before delving into how to become an Ethereum developer, you should first understand where it comes from. Blockchain is a data store, collecting the whole information in blocks and then connected via cryptography, which makes the network much more secure and validates transactions.

One of the most famous cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin is Ethereum with its Ether tokens. The Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized network with numerous features beyond the ETH.

ETH blockchain works with self-executing contract principals, also known as smart contracts. Here, the coding system automatically holds the agreement between two parties automatically, without the presence of lawyers (after the two sides’ announced criteria are met).

What skills are needed to become an Ethereum developer?

Before becoming an Ethereum developer, you should get a deeper understanding of blockchain and its life cycle, structure, principles, etc. Being an ETH developer means learning continuously. The ETH developer must-have cryptography, finance, and software knowledge.

Ethereum developer has two roles:

  1. Core developers – build protocols and support current blockchain
  2. Software developers – build various blockchain apps

Ethereum developer courses must involve the following tech points:

  • Blockchain – strong knowledge background of the entire blockchain fundamentals, how the system works
  • Cryptography – build cryptography protocols to make data secure
  • Programming Languages – strong coding background: wide knowledge of different programming languages, especially Solidity, as the ‘smart contracts’ system works via it
  • Data Architecture – data structure skill is essential for every ETH developer, as it simplifies the problem-solving process
  • Network – in the blockchain network, the whole data is exchanged over all units
  • dApps – developers build unique transaction protocols, called smart contracts, and various applications (chiefly mobile-based)
  • ETH and Other Tokens – solid insight of tokens, exploring and supporting Ethereum and other tokens (e.g., NFT – modern world’s most popular token)
  • Safety and Security – smart contract architecture/system should be strongly protected and ensure safety, as it is the engine of the ETH platform. So, the Ethereum developers should master skills in security tools: Mythril, Securify, Octopus, and Oyente
  • Web3.js – A collection of various libs that communicate with the Ethereum blockchain (It can be deployed on both frontends and backends). It also includes the usage of HTTP, WebSocket, or IPC in the Ethereum node. Instead of deploying jQuery to read and run data from the web server, it is more productive to use Web3.js to read and run directly to the ETH blockchain.
  • Hardhat – the core tooling for Web3 that boosts ETH development
  • EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) – a virtual computer used for building dApps and deploying smart contracts on the ETH system. EVM is a computing engine with a large database to store accounts and balances. It is totally isolated and doesn’t let any code within the EVM contact the file system, network, or other operations

What are the best Ethereum development tutorials?

ETH development includes learning and exploring the rest of your entire life, as becoming an Ethereum developer demands total loyalty and devotion.

Here are the best tutorials for becoming an ETH developer:

  • Google gives you a huge source of information, including books and articles with descriptive examples
  • YouTube is rich with various lessons on Ethereum, blockchain, and everything connected with cryptography. Here you can find teaching videos with useful and detailed definitions and examples
  • Online courses are invaluable; look for teaching materials that are simplified as much as possible

One of the best advantages of online courses is taking courses for lower prices, on sale, and even free. You get knowledge equivalent to what famous universities can offer. Even better, those top universities or lecturers collaborate with online course platforms.

You’ll also get lab work in the courses, which will help you build your knowledge. Another plus of taking online courses is getting certified after finishing the course.

To further help you, consider buying books and reading articles from leaders in the Ethereum industry. You might also learn coding by creating your own game. Special platforms offer people the opportunity to learn ETH development by playing various games (quizzes, quests, etc.).

Concluding words on becoming an Ethereum developer

Today Ethereum developers are one of the most demanded professions. Many famous companies like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and other giants are ready to pay big money to Ethereum developers because of a significant shortage of professionals.

It’s not just about being a software or hardware engineer, excelling in multiple programming languages, or having excellent skills in IoT design. It’s about being an engineer from head to toe, dedicating your life to discovering and developing your knowledge and skills.

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