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Why private aviation is the way forward

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It’s been a difficult summer for commercial flights. Hundreds of flights have been canceled in June, ruining many family holidays. This has been caused by airlines perhaps selling more flights than they can manage, staff contracting COVID-19, and staff shortages in airports. In this context, it can be daunting to book a commercial flight. Below, let’s explore why private aviation, on the other hand, might be the way forward.

Private jet usage rising

An alternative for many has been private aviation. Indeed, private jet usage reached record levels in 2021. Part of this was driven by the pandemic: growing numbers of people were concerned about COVID and spent significant sums of money to fly privately and avoid packed airports and flights.

What’s more, while many airlines had to suspend business during the pandemic, private jet hire continued during this time. If you had to travel internationally, this was the best option.

The benefits

Private aviation comes at a substantial cost and is more harmful to the environment than flying commercially, but there are also plenty of benefits to enjoy. For a start, you’ll get more autonomy over your schedule as boarding procedures take 15 minutes. You’ll also have a private airport, and transfers are taken care of.

That can save you plenty of time and hassle when you travel internationally, while also allowing you to work more productively during this time. Meanwhile, with airports and destinations available all over the world, there aren’t any limits on the routes you pick.

Is private aviation for you?

Private aviation is ideal for executive and corporate travel. They can fit around your schedule and save time, allowing you to focus on important work before a critical meeting.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of space to work and focus on your private flight, away from a busy commercial flight. If you have the money, it’s well worth exploring private flights to see how they could improve your business travel.

High-profile individuals

Private aviation is also a good idea if you’re a high-profile individual. For celebrities, politicians, sports professionals, and other prominent figures, getting a commercial flight can lead to unwanted attention.

Instead, if you desire privacy, then you can look into a private flight, allowing you to discretely carry out your international travel. Jay Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber are just some examples of celebrities who own private jets for their travels.

Commercial flights have experienced plenty of upheaval since the pandemic. If you feel like you could benefit from the privacy and efficiency of private aviation, it’s well worth looking into hiring a private jet for your next trip.

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