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Important features to look for when purchasing a personal alarm

Personal alarm for senior

It is fantastic news that you have decided to purchase a personal alarm for your parents or for your elderly relative. Now that the decision has been made, it’s time for you to start shopping around to find the best possible personal alarm that has the safety features that your elderly relative needs.

This alarm could help to save their life or provide them with necessary health care when they need it the most. It has to be able to work all around the property and it has to be able to contact you as soon as they press the button.

The potentially life-saving device is crucial. So, it makes sense that you would want to do your due diligence and not buy something that isn’t fit for your purpose.

When shopping for a personal alarm for the elderly, it needs to be something that is very user-friendly and that your elderly relative can use with ease. You should be able to explain exactly what it does and how to use it in a short time, and your elderly parents should feel comfortable carrying it around with them at all times.

There are many important safety features to look for in your new device. The following things are just some of those to hopefully help you make a smart purchasing decision:

A good battery life

This is incredibly important because if your elderly parent or relative is a little bit forgetful. They might forget to charge the battery regularly as they do with their hearing aid, so getting a personal alarm with really long battery life is crucial.

You also want something that is easy to charge and you don’t have to be a technician in order to understand how to do it. The hope is that you will find one that has a full 24 hours of battery life so that you can charge it for your parents when you visit them.

A charging cradle

Even though it isn’t very technical to be able to charge the battery, anything that makes your elderly relative’s life easier and doesn’t force them into learning something new then that needs to be embraced. This is why a charging cradle is perfect because there is no messing around when trying to charge and this makes everyone happy.

Is GEO fencing installed?

If you’re not familiar with this then let me explain that it is a function that lets you know when your parent or elderly relative goes outside a specific area like their home or the garden around their home. It creates what is called a virtual fence and this can let you know when they leave their safe area.

Is there a GPS locator?

Anything that can help you to keep an eye on your elderly relative is to be embraced and so having GPS built into the device is something that allows you to track them no matter where they are. It is up to you to set the frequency of the alerts that will be sent to you but it is exceptional peace of mind for any caregiver who is constantly worrying about their elderly parents or relatives.

An alarm when no movement

Obviously, you want to know when your parents are moving around but also it is essential that you know if they haven’t moved in some time. This could be just because they have fallen asleep or maybe they have experienced a heart attack or a stroke and they need help immediately.

It is also essential that you try to find a personal alarm that will allow you to add more than one contact into it because if you are not available then it is crucial that it can call someone else as well.

The particular personal alarm that you will purchase for your elderly relative needs to be able to withstand the weather and so you do not want it to stop functioning when it is a particularly rainy day because water has gotten inside it. The key here is to find a personal alarm with as many features as you can afford.

A few last words

You want to be looking for a personal alarm that has been quality tested with regards to its submersion abilities. Hopefully, the above advice can help you to make a smarter purchasing decision for both yourself and your elderly relative so that everyone can remain calm with the clear understanding that help can be provided as soon as possible.

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