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Making the right choices for a problem-free roof installation

House roof installation

The installation of a new roof should not cause you concern. If you hire professional roofers and have chosen a suitable material for your structure, all you need to do after that is relax and let the professionals do their job. The way to get to this point is to have a good understanding of the different materials. You need to have a good plan for changing the shape or the support structure, as well as make sure the worksite is clear of hazards like overhanging trees and electrical wiring.

Before you begin the roof installation

There are many types of materials to choose from to make a new roof. Suppose you are replacing what you had before – not much thought needs to be given.

However, if you are making changes, you need to know if the rafters and purlins are sturdy enough to support a different material. Also, are the purlins spaced appropriately?

Roofing material types

Almost all standard roofing materials will provide a good roof that will last at least 15 years. The differences are in their appearance, weight, installation, cost, and lifespan of the product. Here is a brief comparison:

Metal Sheeting: Metal sheeting is the lightest material that requires the least amount of structure beneath it. It’s very long-lasting, inexpensive, and recyclable.

Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt requires plywood and tarpaper underneath. It has a short lifespan compared to other choices: it begins to break down after 15 years. Asphalt is inexpensive and easy to install. Especially if the plywood underneath is in good condition.

Cement Fibre Board: Cement Fibre Board tiles come in a limited range of styles. They are long-lasting but not load-bearing and can fracture from impact and are moderately heavy. These tiles are very common in Asia but are gaining popularity in other regions, mostly due to their low cost.

Cedar Or Pine: Wood tiles, or shakes, make an elegant and attractive roof, but they are a little on the heavy side, can be tricky to install correctly, and they have the lowest fire resistance. Pine shakes have been known to rot prematurely.

Ceramic Tile: Ceramic, concrete, or slate tile can be very beautiful and come in elegant styles. They are the heaviest type of roof and the most complicated to install. They are very long-lasting, possibly more than 50 years.

Man works on roof
Image Source: Pixabay

Get a good roofer

If you are looking for roof repair in Sydney, for example, you can find qualified advice through an Internet search. When you go for a roofer who has the experience and provides examples of their work with referrals, many of your concerns can be put to rest.

Professional roofers will make good suggestions that will suit your project. Look around for the type of roof you would like to have, take pictures, and then your roofer will do their best to make that happen for you.

A few last words on roof installation

These days, modern materials and practices make most roofing jobs a straightforward affair. If you have hired professionals and chosen suitable materials that work for your house, there should be no reason to stress over the project. For further reading, check out the top roofing mistakes to avoid.

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