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Finding a gift for the sophisticated man in your life

Gift for the sophisticated man

Finding a special gift for the sophisticated man can be a challenge! Not all men are adventurous. But if your man is, planning unique experience days for him is something worth considering. Men with confidence who know how to look after themselves appear to have it all. And they usually do. If they want it, they will likely go buy it themselves. So, what do you get this person?

Watches: The gift for the sophisticated man

Fortunately, the answer is sometimes staring you in the face. Or rather, you are staring into the face of the answer.

Is he a fashion lover? Is he a fan of luxury items? Does he pride himself on keeping appointments, both personally and professionally?

If so, a watch can make a terrific present for Christmas, his birthday, or another special occasion. Chronograph timepieces with an intricate design are the height of precise mechanical engineering, art, and design rolled into an attractive package. It’s something he can be proud to wear daily on his wrist.

Rolex might be your immediate thought, but this well-known brand of choice for the rich and famous is somewhat of a cliché today. Other brands are just as good and, may we dare say, more stylish.

Luxury watch brands

Tudor Heritage, Zenith, and Patek Phillipe are great examples of understated luxury watchmakers who rival the sometimes ostentatious designs of Rolex. Patek Philippe, in particular, is renowned for its precision chronographs, which typically run on limited productions for around five years.

So naturally, this feature makes its models highly desirable to collectors and admirers alike. But, like Rolex, brands like this are successful only for one reason. That is, they create charming masterpieces with each release.

You can see in the infographic below what truly makes a classic timepiece. From the specs to the look, there’s much to notice and appreciate about this specialty type of item.

Infographic designed by: Patek Philippe

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