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Changing careers during COVID-19? Read this first

Thinking career change during COVID-19

The world is undergoing a very challenging economic time. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic include job losses for countless people around the globe. The New York Times estimates about 3.8 million people in America alone permanently lost their jobs due to the pandemic. A range of reasons may explain why you want to change occupations, including being unemployed. So, how do you go about changing careers during COVID-19? Here are some things to consider before switching careers during the coronavirus pandemic.

First, embark on a self-reflection exercise

When considering a career transition, it is advisable to assess the current situation. Doing this helps set a sturdy foundation to evaluate whether the period is right to switch careers.

Self-reflection is a journey of discovery. It is an opportunity to interact with mentors who share similar experiences. Although the reason behind self-reflection is to do an internal search, it is best to consult advisors.

Career advisors can help you discover if switching careers during coronavirus is the right solution. What is the driving force behind the decision to switch?

An introspection will enable you to find other viable alternatives that may work well for you. Unconsciously, this exercise helps you mentally prepare for challenges you are likely to face when making the move.

Changing careers during COVID-19? Be candid about your professional skills

A professional audit of your skills can help you appreciate your top qualities more. That is, your academic qualifications, professional certifications, and other skills. These things are fundamental to any career choice and staying on your chosen career path.

When you narrow your options to focus on a career transition, the process becomes easier to follow. Perhaps, you want to switch from an accounting job to a career in public relations. Exactly what changing careers during COVID-19 looks like for you will be different than for someone else because of your past, future goals, and personal preferences.

Ask yourself, how strong are your communication skills? This soft skill affects your ability to work and interact well with others, and your ability to communicate well can make or break your next job interview.

Fortunately, many skills you have are transferrable. Identifying them early in the job search process can help you find the right career to take on next.

Indeed, some career choices are similar; therefore, making a move may not entail a drastic change. In the future, you can look forward to business opportunities abroad too when things open up. Perhaps you will become a travel writer! At that point, you can spend the next few months traveling and writing, which is an exciting work prospect.

Switching careers during coronavirus
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Take account of wins when changing careers during COVID-19

Fortunately for you, this may be the easiest thing to do because you are privy to your career gains. These wins may be compliments from colleagues or bosses, awards won at work, or any measurable impact you contributed to in the recent past.

How well do you intend to translate these wins into a career switch? Do you foresee convincing a new employer that you are the ideal choice for a new role because of past accomplishments?

Mapping your values to the job search is something you must do. If you are successful at it, you can identify sectors that you might not have thought of yet. You can also recognize a job role that could be the stepping stone to your dream job.

These are economically unstable times. Thus, take the time to consider the above factors before going ahead with changing careers during COVID-19.

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