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The different types of behavioral addiction

types of behavioral addiction

As human beings, there are many things that we can become addicted to, and it is not only substances but behaviors too. Common behavioral addictions are treatable in many cases, and the success of the treatment will depend on the person, and whether they wish to make a significant change in their lives. Below are some of the most common types of behavioral addiction in the world.

5 types of addictive behaviors:

1. Surgery addiction

Some people are obsessed with going under the surgeon’s knife. They often try to feel better about themselves through plastic surgery. No matter how they look and how others perceive them, they are never fully happy with their appearance.

They always looking to change their physical appearance, totally absorbed in how they look and how people see them. Of all the types of behavioral addiction on this list, this one is one that comes largely from ads, whether people realize it or not.

We are bombarded every day with marketing and advertising, telling us what we should look like and how good we should look. Obviously, that can make people insecure.

2. Gambling

One of the most common behavioral addictions is gambling. For some women, gambling is an escape mechanism. There are millions of people throughout the world who suffer from this addiction in one way or another.

Some people have a severe problem, while others manage to control it for long periods of their lives, but there are treatments available. If you or someone you love is suffering from this affliction, you can search for a behavioral addiction treatment centre in Thailand that will be able to assist you in getting the help that is needed.

Gambling types of behavioral addictions
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More types of behavioral addiction:

3. Sex

While many people don’t realize it, an obsession with sex is a real problem. The people who suffer from it are as much in need of help as people that have an addiction to substances.

While it is not officially recognized as an addiction, some treatments are available for the condition. One of the consequences of this affliction is that the sufferer can lose control of their actions and develop a complete disregard for the risks or consequences of their activities.

4. Shopping types of behavioral addiction

Shopping is another of the common behavioral addictions. The same as gambling, a fashion addiction can have severe financial implications.

It is common for people who feel sad to go buy something new to stay on-trend or cheer themselves up. This activity can lead to an addiction because of the feeling that comes temporarily from having new things.

It can get so bad that people will go out and spend money they cannot afford, on things that have no use for, with the goal to try to feel better about themselves. They might even start to hoard their purchases, which can take over their homes and, in turn, their lives.

Gaming boy
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5. Tech addiction

A newer form of addiction that can cause problems is an addiction to technology and games. An addiction to games in young people, for example, can lead them to associate more with their virtual worlds than with reality. That can cause sufferers to become recluse and cut off from the real world.

Getting help for types of behavioral addiction

If you worry about your child or someone else you love being addicted, or do you think your own activities are problematic? If so, counseling and behavior modification therapy can be helpful to combat the problem.

While these addictions may sound familiar, they can have far-reaching effects. You may find yourself nodding while reading the list above. For someone with severe forms of these addictions, getting professional help is worth serious consideration.

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