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Looking like a fashionista in quarantine

Fashionista in quarantine

Now that the world is accustomed to the new normal, everyone realizes that work from home is here to stay. Even businesses that have reopened are making a major proportion of their teams work remotely. As a fashionista, you may be missing the office dressing routine after months of slouching on the couch. But that’s something you have to live with, at least till the pandemic is over and order is restored. So how do you stay stylish? Here are easy hacks from the WFH diaries of style lovers who look good as a fashionista, even in quarantine.

Prioritize comfort but not at the cost of style

The idea of spending your days in your nightdress sounds tempting as you work from home but that’s the last thing you should do. Opt for comfortable sweatpants and jeans that make you feel easy but don’t score any less on the style quotient.

Pay attention to your tops because they will be visible during video calls with your colleagues and clients. The secret formula for quarantine dressing is to keep it cozy and casual rather than being too formal or too homely. The approach will keep you sane and stylish through stressful times.

Fashionista in quarantine: Maintain a routine

Having a routine is the key to adjusting to this extended work-from-home program, which is mentally draining and physically challenging. Maintain your wardrobe and dress up every morning, just as you would do for the office.

It would be good to opt for some new pieces or get revamp the wardrobe, depending on your budget. You can look for some style inspiration from JustFab as you redo your closet for the fall.

Paying attention to your looks is going to do wonders for your mental health. That matters more than anything else during a magnanimous crisis like this one.

Dress for success

You may not feel motivated enough to dress for success after months of being cooped up indoors but that’s something you shouldn’t miss out on. Even as you don a stylish outfit every day as a fashionista in quarantine, don’t skimp on accessories.

Surely, you wouldn’t carry the best pair of heels and a matching handbag but jewelry can be your best friend. Wear a statement necklace and your favorite pair of earrings for your next Zoom call and you will definitely make an impression.

Don’t skimp on makeup and hairstyling because these are vital elements of power dressing. They complete your look, from head to toe when you’re wearing women’s fashion essentials.

Follow your moods

While you maintain your weekday dressing routine, make sure that you give in to your moods once in a while. If you are feeling low and lazy, pick the bright red slip dress to pep up your spirits.

Put on a floral jumpsuit if you want to feel like a diva. Or, wear your favorite business suit if you have an important video meeting with a top client.

It’s all about following your moods! Be sure not to go into debt over clothes, either.

Fashionista in quarantine: Concluding thoughts

It is clear that there’s no getting away from work from home life, at least for a foreseeable future. The best thing to do is change your mindset and make the best with a renewed style statement.

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