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The single mom budget: How to stretch it further

Single mom budget

Let’s talk today about how to stretch the single mom budget further to reduce financial worries.

Parenting and the single mom budget

The job of a single mom is arguably one of the toughest out there. Raising one or more kids on your own is trying enough, but if you’re trying to get by on a tight budget, it can make life all the more difficult. Parenting alone means you have to work at least one job just to get by, if not multiple jobs, leaving very little time and energy left to be “mom.” It’s what you do to provide for your kids and ensure they are safe, secure, happy, and have all they need. That’s admirable!

But is there a way that you can stretch that budget a little further, and perhaps make your life as a single mom a little less stressful financially? Here are some tips you may want to look into that can offer some serious relief.

Embrace thrift shopping: Take advantage of the savings

One huge expense that you may be dealing with is the constant buying of clothing, especially for young children who grow out of their clothing within a matter of months. Keep it to the basics and don’t worry about filling their closet full of items; just focus on a few outfits that can be mixed and matched.

Also, you can look at second-hand clothing shops or thrift shops. Get some of the fabulous savings available there.

Meal plan and use a grocery list

Another big household expense can be groceries, which can spiral out of control right before your eyes. Experts recommend that you approach grocery shopping in a more defined way and focus on planning your meals in advance.

Start by planning a full week of meals, then take inventory of what you’ve got and what ingredients are missing to make those meals and snacks. Those items are the ones that can go on the grocery list, and nothing else.

You may be eligible for an increase in child support

If you are currently receiving child support from the father of your child(ren) and you may actually be eligible for an increase in support. Take for example the law in Minnesota which states that a person “may” be entitled to receive a cost-of-living increase after two years have passed from the judgment and decree. It continues to apply every two years moving forward.

Obviously, it can differ by state, and it’s important to be aware of when that original judgment occurred. The best way to determine if you’re eligible for this increase in support is to speak to a lawyer who is familiar with family law.

Couponing can mean massive savings

Another tip is to start couponing. Today you can find a wide variety of coupons to be used in-person when you shop, as well as online promo and discount codes that you can use at online retailers.

Even when the savings seems small, it’s still worth it. Remember that every little penny adds up when it comes to budgeting.

Single mom budget tips don’t have to stop there

While these tips are a great starting point and can certainly help you stretch your budget, it doesn’t have to stop there. You may even need to get a little creative with your ideas, but let that savings motivate and inspire you to keep ongoing.

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