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Elementary classroom items list: 6 must-haves

Classroom items list

The elementary school years are a great time for exploration and growth. As a teacher or a homeschooling parent, you have to consider this and prepare a classroom that caters toward the needs of young children. Here is an elementary classroom items list to keep in mind as you get everything arranged for the budding minds in your learning area.

1. Books are priority on the elementary classroom items list

A class library full of books is a staple in many classrooms. Here, you can house all the books that you will use for reading aloud and also for students to participate in independent reading. As you fill your library, be sure to choose books that will be interesting for many students. You can also pick some copies based on individual student preferences.

2. Manipulatives

Young children grasp concepts quicker when manipulatives are used. This makes them an essential item to have for your students. You can find a manufacturer of educational manipulatives for many subjects, including math, science and English language arts.

3. Arts and crafts supplies

What is an elementary classroom items list without supplies to engage in writing, art and even crafts? Participating in these activities helps strengthen fine motor skills and creativity. Some items that you will find handy include construction paper, pencils, crayons, markers, paint, scissors, poster board, pipe cleaners, pom-poms and glue.

4. Dry erase boards

Having a dry erase board can help you display information for all students to see clearly. You can also have a miniature whiteboard for each student in the classroom. Use these for whole group instruction so students can display answers to questions on their boards.

5. Storage is a must on the classroom items list

With all the supplies that you have in your classroom, storage becomes essential. This will help with organization and teach students to put supplies back where they belong. You can use supply caddies, storage bins and even shelves and cabinets to keep everything nice and neat.

6. Decorations

One way to make sure your students feel welcome in the study area is to liven it up with decorations. This creates a warm and inviting environment. Posters, seasonal images and student artwork all bring an element of creativity.

Final words about your elementary classroom items list

A lot of growth happens during the elementary school years. Make sure your classroom is ready for students with items such as dry erase boards, lots of books, manipulatives for math and science, decorations, storage containers and arts and crafts items that include crayons, markers, construction paper, scissors and much more.

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