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Why does wool help baby sleep better?

Can wool help baby sleep better?

Does wool make you think of itchy and bulky clothes that your mom made you wear as a kid? Thankfully, the material has come a very long way since then. Nowadays, besides organic cotton baby clothes, manufactured wool is also wonderfully soft and versatile, easy to care for, and comfortable to wear. Find out how wool also can help a baby sleep better. Let’s demystify the perceptions of wool and realize its benefits for your newborn’s sleep too.

How does wool help a baby sleep better?

If you are a new mom, there is a big chance that you’ve scoured the internet to find the answer to the age-old question, ‘’Why doesn’t my baby sleep at night?’’ The secret to better sleep for your baby might be as simple as dressing them in natural, organic baby clothes.

Wool is a superstar when it comes to regulating body temperature. It’s a natural insulator that helps body temperatures to stay at a comfortable level at night, whether it’s winter, summer, or any other time of the year. When they don’t overheat then both babies and parents benefit because if a little one sleeps better, then you as the parent can enjoy some much-needed slumber too.

Here are some other ways wool helps baby get some rest:

  • Its moisture management properties help to absorb the moisture away from the body, releasing it as vapor in the air, without leaving a wet feel
  • Wool doesn’t attract dust mites that thrive in hot, humid conditions. Thus, wool can be a great choice for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Sleeping in wool is safer for your baby because of wool’s fire-retardant properties

It’s renewable

Wool can regrow and renew itself. Its growth requires a blend of air, water, sunshine, and grass, and not fossil fuels such as those used in the production of synthetic fabrics.

Wool is self-replenishing after shearing once a year, and it’s also eco-friendly. Since its made of keratin, it will break down after use, which makes it completely biodegradable. Wool decomposes, giving nutrients back to the soil.

It’s breathable

Wool is an amazingly natural and breathable insulator that will keep your baby at just the right temperature. The wool fibers have a scale and crimp pattern, which helps naturally regulate the body’s temperature.

Thus, the material helps to keep your newborn at the optimum temperature throughout the night. They can then enjoy a long rest.

It’s hypoallergenic

Wool is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It is mildew, mold, and odor-resistant.

Also, the fibers have a natural resistance to dust mites, making the material both allergy- and asthma-friendly. It’s formed of keratin (a protein similar to human hair), so it’s extremely difficult to be allergic to it.


There are so many reasons why wool is a safe choice for your little ones. Merino wool is naturally fire-resistant (FR), so it has a high flame retardancy due to the lanolin content.

There’s no need to add extra chemicals to reduce fire risk. It won’t melt and stick on the skin if it burns either (hopefully you’ll never need to know that!).

Final words on wool to help your little one sleep better

If you want your newborns to sleep in the safest environment, then wool that contains both organic cotton and merino wool is a good choice. Sending your baby off to dreamland is a good place to be, and perhaps you can get in a nap at the same time.

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