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7 reasons for physical therapy rather than surgery

Reasons for physical therapy

You’re not alone if you feel like you have a lot to accomplish but never seem to have enough energy and time to do it all. An over-ambitious lifestyle might mean that you’re compromising on sleep and rest, which can take a toll on health. Even at a young age, many people now suffer from sore muscles, back pain, and more. Recurring pains and physical limitations are a common complaint now. An effective way of treating these pains is physical therapy. While surgery is necessary in certain cases, below are reasons for physical therapy instead.

Types of solutions

When suffering from pain, many people look for an easy solution and assume that pain killers are the cure. Although pain killers do provide temporary relief, the extended use of them can lead to other health issues, and they only mask the core problem rather than aleviating it.

It helps in regaining or improving physical abilities without surgery. Hence, it is a treatment that aims to diminish pain and assist you in operating in a better manner. Physical therapists have licensed health experts who undertake specialized training in physical therapy. It is a branch of rehabilitative health, in which doctors prescribe specially designed exercise and equipment to relieve the patient’s pain and help him function better.

A more effective approach is physical therapy (PT). Many times a doctor refers a physical therapist to a patient, and sometimes patients who are scared of undergoing surgery prefer PT over surgical methods.

The benefits of physical therapy are many, with the Physical Therapist taking care of patients in all stages of treatment. Depending on the patient’s condition, physical therapy can either be a stand-alone option or can support other therapies. People often find themselves in a predicament when they have to choose between physical therapy and surgery. That can be a difficult decision, and the following seven reasons illustrate reasons for physical therapy.

1. Enhanced performance

Athletes anyone who does sports often share a high level of energy. They work their muscles more than most people, which also puts them at an increased risk of pulling them.

Physical therapy not only helps them in relieving muscle pain, but they also identify weaknesses and imbalances throughout patients’ bodies. Physical therapists evaluate and suggest a few exercises.

These exercises help patients to improving flexibility and strengthen muscles, which is essential to perform in the desired athletic activity. Physiotherapy for sports stars is vital since they must perform at their best and cannot risk having a poor performance because of sore muscle or backaches.

Additionally, working with physical therapists will help these individuals prevent further injuries and fractures. Hence, it is an effective treatment as it gives relief. Athletes should be agile at all times and have a body ready to perform well in their activities; however, injuries are inevitable in their field. That is when they can take advantage of a physical therapist and get a long-term solution for recurring pain.

2. Quick recovery

When someone is suffering from pain, they prefer instant relief options. Usually, quick relief comes with a heavy dosage of medicine, which can have adverse effects.

With surgery, unfortunately, patients can take a long time to recover. Instead, a designed set of exercises from a physical therapist helps them in regaining health.

3. Manage vascular diseases and diabetes

Physical therapy has an impressive impact on other bodily functions, too, and regular exercises help in managing vascular conditions. People with diabetes often complain of a lack of sensation in their feet and legs. A physical therapist can educate diabetic patients about foot care and guide them on how to prevent further issues.

4. Better mobility

Some people struggle to carry out daily activities. If routine actions like sitting and standing are challenging, working with a physical therapist can help to improve mobility to make these movements easier to do. While the motion might seem simple to some, it’s not for others.

Today, many people are at home during the lockdown administered by governments. Work-from-home and e-learning are a new norm, and people are spending hours at a stretch in front of their computers. The long duration of sitting often results in body aches, and physical therapy is an ideal way of preventing it.

5. Improved balance

Physical therapy is often a consideration after suffering from a nasty fall. A common reason for falls is a loss of balance, and physical therapy helps in regaining and maintaining stability while doing routine work. The therapist analyzes the causes of fall and then prescribes a customized set of exercise that enhances the patient’s balance and helps them regain a grip on stability.

6. Relief from chronic pain

Plenty of people today suffer from chronic pain and are trying to adjust their life with it. The good news is that physical therapy can help ease chronic or hereditary pains. Unlike medication, physical therapy addresses the cause of the pain and removes or significantly lessens it.

Many people have stopped taking painkillers because physical therapy is helping in relieving their pain instead. The specialist may also suggest orthotics to help with pain relief for the feet, legs, or back.

Physical therapy may also involve the use of traction devices. Under the supervision of a physiotherapist, traction therapy helps some people find relief from painful pressure on the spine.

7. Fight heart and lung diseases

An alarming number of people suffer from cardiac and lung diseases. A physical therapist can help individuals in recovering form heart attacks and can even specify some exercises that can prevent future strokes.

Cardiac rehabilitation is an area of specialty for some physical therapists. Their work can significantly improve health outcomes for people suffering from heart diseases. For people suffering from lung illnesses, the PT expert recommends exercises to clear fluid from the lungs, which improves the function of the lungs and enhances the quality of the patient’s life.

Conclusions on reasons for physical therapy

Physical therapy has proven to be of great help to people of all ages, suffering from various illnesses. Many people are still unfamiliar with the innumerable benefits of it, which explains why it’s not always their first choice of treatment. Nonetheless, it is slowly getting more popular, and people realize that surgery is not always the only solution.

Physical therapy, as a stand-alone or in conjunction with other therapies, can enhance the quality of life of the patient. Those who have chronic pain have the potential to finally feel relief. While severe medical conditions may require surgery, physical therapy can help recover afterward. The advantages of physical therapy are numerous, which makes reaching out to a physical therapist an important consideration.

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