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Top 3 medical jobs with no patient contact

Medical jobs with no patient contact

Most people automatically think of positions such as nurses and doctors when considering a career in healthcare. However, there are many rewarding roles behind the scenes that offer great earning potential, job satisfaction, and career advancement opportunities, without the responsibility of providing medical care or being a people person. To inspire you, here are the top three medical jobs with no patient contact.

1. Medical laboratory technician

Medical laboratory technicians play a crucial role in the healthcare system and work alongside laboratory professionals in a clinical setting. They are responsible for preparing and analyzing samples of blood, tissue, or other bodily fluids to look for signs of illness or disease.

They are vital in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. To be successful, medical laboratory technicians must have a good understanding of human anatomy and biology, along with a keen interest in the medical field. The route to qualification typically requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field, followed by a postgraduate course and relevant work experience.

2. More medical jobs with no patient contact: Healthcare administrator

Healthcare administration or management is an excellent option if you enjoy working with medical professionals but don’t want to be responsible for medical care. Broadly speaking, healthcare managers are responsible for overseeing how healthcare is delivered within different medical facilities.

They are responsible for ensuring that the facility is running efficiently in terms of budget, schads award compliance, patient care, and the individual goals of the healthcare facility. The role is extremely diverse but usually involves overseeing various elements, including human resources, marketing, and daily operations within the healthcare system.

The top jobs in healthcare administration offer excellent earning potential, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs in the field can grow by an impressive 20% between 2016 and 2026. To become a healthcare administrator or manager, you must typically earn a bachelor’s degree in a related field and then gain experience within an administrative or clinical setting.

3. Medical transcriptionist

The primary responsibility of a medical transcriptionist is to listen to voice recordings by healthcare professionals and then convert these into written reports. They are also responsible for amending medical documents using speech recognition technology and checking that patients’ medical records are accurate.

The majority of medical transcriptionists work in hospitals or private physician offices. However, some home-based opportunities allow for greater flexibility.

To become qualified as a medical transcriptionist, you must generally complete a bachelor’s degree in medical transcription and gain industry experience through placements and internships. Some medical transcriptionists also earn additional certifications to enhance their career prospects and stand out from the competition when applying for the top jobs.

Summary on medical jobs with no patient contact

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly and has an exciting future. Numerous jobs are available, even for those who don’t have an interest in medical care.

Thus, if you’d rather not deal one-on-one with patients, or do so rarely, other opportunities are available in this rewarding industry. The three positions mentioned above are prime examples: Medical transcriptionist, healthcare administrator, and medical lab technician.

The range of work means that there are professions to suit people with a wide range of skills and interests. Find the one that suits your preferences by thinking about your personal motivation for pursuing a career in healthcare, where your skills lay, and the type of environment you’d like to work in, such as a hospital or a military base.

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