“7 Months Sober”

Samantha over a My Bipolar Mind writes about a range of health and addiction topics. She speaks from experience, as shown in this post that celebrates her achievement of 7 months sober. I’m cheering her on and hope you do too. It’s not an easy journey but she’s making sobriety a reality day after day. So proud of her ♥

My Bipolar Mind

7Months Sober”

 Poem By: Samantha Steiner


I never thought I would be able to survive without alcohol

I thought I needed it to socialize

To have fun

And even to be myself

Now I am almost seven months sober

I never imaged that I would have been able to make it this long

Without tasting that sweet burn on my tongue

I am relearning basic life skills

That I used to rely on a bottle for

Every time I felt nervous I’d say

“One more shot!”

But life is starting to get better

Than I ever could have envisioned

One day at a time

No more hangovers

No more alcohol-induced blackouts

No more damage control

Learning to live sober can be rough

But I know that I will be fine in due time



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31 thoughts on ““7 Months Sober”

  1. Good for you girl! reading this makes me want to give it up too. You just feel so much better once you’ve gone long without it!! Keep going love😊

  2. I read this post on Saturday, March 24th…which happened to be a very good friends 4 year sobriety date. I can’t say I know first hand what you are going through…but I can say I do as someone who has watched a loved one go through it. You’ve got this. Just. Keep. Going.

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