“7 Months Sober”


Samantha over a My Bipolar Mind writes about a range of health and addiction topics. She speaks from experience, as shown in this post that celebrates her achievement of 7 months sober. I’m cheering her on and hope you do too. It’s not an easy journey but she’s making sobriety a reality day after day. So proud of her ♥


  1. Congratulations! I’ve just started my blog about sobriety and mental health issues that I’ve experienced in the hope to find some like minded people on the internet because they are really lacking in my social circle! All of my friends love to go out and get hammered 24/7. I’m 10 days sober and would love to be able to look back on 7 months one day!

  2. I read this post on Saturday, March 24th…which happened to be a very good friends 4 year sobriety date. I can’t say I know first hand what you are going through…but I can say I do as someone who has watched a loved one go through it. You’ve got this. Just. Keep. Going.

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