What Is Success? – Guest Post by Tina Frisco…

Success. A huge topic that author Tina Frisco hones in on with beautiful, inspiring words in her guest post at The Story Reading Ape’s Blog. Also a shout out to Tricia Drammeh for reblogging it – I fear I might have missed reading it today otherwise! Well done to all involved ♥

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Image courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

While writing the introduction to a fellow author’s book, I realized many of us view success as an end-product. We aspire, we strive and, if fortunate, we manifest. Only then do we feel gratified, overlooking all we accomplished in the process. In short, we fail ourselves.

If we become discouraged when met by an obstacle, we are not seeing that obstacle for what it truly is: a teacher. Obstacles not only teach us what does not work, but also challenge us to reach beyond our perceived limitations. Obstacles are opportunities to practice what we’ve learned, alter our approach, and move forward. This is success.

Being stuck in obsessive thought patterns, limiting beliefs, or anything that stops us short of reaching a goal can lead to wallowing in the past (nostalgia) and yearning for the future (desire). Turning inward and finding the embedded thoughts sabotaging our efforts…

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26 thoughts on “What Is Success? – Guest Post by Tina Frisco…

  1. Thank you, Christy, for sharing this inspirational post on what success truly encompasses. Similar to a hero’s journey, it is the obstacles that we must overcome that leads us of us to success. The final goal spurs us to go on the journey, but it is what we learn along the way that we learn about ourselves and gain self-satisfaction. Have a great day!


  2. This is an amazing post! My husband is a counselor for troubled youth at a rehabilitation facility, and he has told me over and over that he has to redefine success for each one of them. This nails it on the head! Overcoming their obstacles is success! I think I finally understand what he means after reading this! Thank you Tina for writing such an inspirational post, and Christy, thank you for sharing it!

    • You’re welcome, Jessica, and thank you for sharing your insight. We let go of our creations when we send them into the world, but it’s always a pleasure to learn that someone has caught them ❤

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