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作为一名商界女性,您已经在工作场所面临无数挑战。 女性导师可以帮助指导你在尝试浏览商业世界时能够改变世界。 从能够提供公正的反馈,到当事情变得艰难时依靠一个人,有无数的好处,让女性导师赋予你的事业权力。 让我们来谈谈商界的女导师吧!

以下是作为女性 在商界拥有导师的 一些最好处。

5 ways a female mentor empowers your career:

1. Unbiased feedback

A good mentor will be able to have difficult discussions with you, and help you determine how you can learn from them. If you make a mistake, your mentor will have a unique perspective on the situation that can help you take a step back and get back on track.

2. A female mentor is a support system

Starting a new business is tough, and having someone in your corner to support you and help you navigate any potential problems will help give you peace of mind and continue persevering when you get stressed out.

3. Confidence booster

Mentors will always be in your corner to support you and keep you focused. As a result, if you are nervous about starting a new job, talking with your mentor can help calm you down. Then you can walk confidently into the office on your first day. 

4. Career advancement

As a woman in the workforce, having a female mentor who understands the struggles you face is invaluable. She is a resource to give you guidance and help you figure out the best ways to advance your career.

Furthermore, a mentor is someone who is already experienced in their career. She can provide feedback and insight that is invaluable to help you progress yours. 

5. A different perspective

It can be easy to focus so much on the details that you forget to look at the bigger picture instead. A mentor has enough experienced and removal from the situation to provide a unique perspective with advice and guidance. 

很明显,有一位女性导师来赋予你的事业权力有很多好处。 领导者提供了令人惊叹的支持系统,并拥有独特的视角。 此外,导师还可以帮助您快速跟踪作为商业上的老板女性的职业生涯轨迹。

但是,你如何去为你找到完美的导师呢? 为此,请查看圣奥古斯丁大学以下 信息图,了解 查找和保持与导师之间友好关系的提示和技巧。

Having a female mentor benefits infographic




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