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Communicate with your teen effectively, including authoritative parenting

How to Communicate with Your Teen the Right Way

If your teenager has a problem, make sure they’re comfortable coming to you to talk about it. Know how to communicate with your teen effectively to work through solutions and strengthen your relationship at the same time. Here are tips to do exactly that.

safe teen driving tips

Safe Teen Driving: 9 Tips for Parents

Statistics show that about half of teenagers will be involved in a road traffic accident before they graduate high school. But the good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do as a parent to make sure your child isn’t one of them. These safe teen driving tips are a good start.

Concerts are fun things to do with teenagers, as is an escape room for kids.

Fun Things to Do with Teenagers as a Family

As your kids get older, it can get harder as a parent to find things to do with teenagers that they like to do. If your teen is adamant about staying in and playing video games, these suggestions can get them out of their room for a fun day out as a family.