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Easy ways to revamp your look

4 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Revamp Your Look

If you’re feeling a bit flat and stuck in life, now is the perfect time to bust out of your style rut. Take charge of the changes! Embrace these easy ways to revamp your look.

Woman sad after divorce

5 Ways to Stop Hating Your Ex After Divorce

Around 40% of first marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. That’s shockingly high. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to ease the process and stop hating your ex after divorce.

Reach health goals with gal friends' support

Why Support is Key to Achieving Your Health Goals

If you feel as if you never reach the personal milestones you set yourself, it might be because they’re too extreme or you don’t have the proper supports in place. It’s finally time to reach your health goals, and the tips below can help make the journey easier.

How to be an independent woman like her, back facing camera, blur

How to be an independent woman

Wondering how to be an independent woman? Use this no-nonsense guide to challenge negative self-talk, build healthy relationships, and more.