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Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine review

Dermadry Total: Iontophoresis machine review

I tested out the Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine and the review here tells you all about my experience. I used it for armpits that seem to sweat for no reason, which is embarrassing if I’m out in public.

Trying out California Design Den Sheets

California Design Den Sheets Review

For this California Design Den sheets review, we tested out their sheet set for 2 weeks. Here’s our take on feel, durability, and more.

When a New Book Review Comes In

When a new book review comes in… All of the hard work put into its creation is worth it – and then some! A new review for Versions of the Self was posted on Amazon this week. Wow.

Women's poetry review

My Interview with Conscious Talk Magazine

I’m so pleased with how the author interview with Didi Oviatt at Conscious Talk Magazine turned out! From the stellar questions to the book review, it is a feature I am proud to share with you all.