How Music Can Heal and Promote Hope

Every civilization usually has some sort of music attached to it. Crude types of musical instruments have been uncovered in ancient archaeology digs. Simple bells from a long ago Asian culture attest to this people group’s need for getting in touch with their spiritual side. Native Americans used wooden drums topped with animal skins to signify a buffalo hunt, warn of intruders, induce trances for inner reflection and to provide a lively beat for the tribe dances and celebrations. Music is still important to different groups of people located around the globe. Some believe that music has the power to heal and to promote hope even in troubling times. Find out more below in this ValuedVoice sponsored post.

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How to Choose the Right Guitar Instructor For Your Child

Music and youth

Finding a guitar teacher for your youngster. Pixabay image, CC0.

I want to start using my acoustic guitar – it’s just collecting dust in the corner of a room here. The problem is I don’t know how to play. Slight problem! But, I could take lessons. Now I wonder, would the best guitar instructor for an adult be the same as for a child? And, what are the differences to consider for musical instructors for your kid? 

There are few things more exciting than when your child decides that they want to start being involved in something creative like music. After all, plenty of hobbies for kids can be so passive that seeing them actively doing something that teaches them a fun and valuable skill is fantastic. Of course, if you want to support them in their ambitions of being a rock god, then they’re going to need a decent instructor to help them understand exactly what they’re doing. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider when trying to find the right guitar instructor for your child.

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