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Misconception about smoking

The big misconception about smoking

Let’s talk about quitting smoking. Why? There’s a major misconception about smoking as a whole. Here’s the reality and what needs to change.

How to become more motivated

How to become more motivated in life

It’s easy to get frustrated in life, given the many challenges. Here are suggestions for how to become more positive and motivated in life.

Motivational mom

11 motivational mom moments

Motivational mom moments deserve to get the spotlight for the effect they have on us. Here are 11 great examples to inspire your day.

Reach health goals with gal friends' support

Why Support is Key to Achieving Your Health Goals

If you feel as if you never reach the personal milestones you set yourself, it might be because they’re too extreme or you don’t have the proper supports in place. It’s finally time to reach your health goals, and the tips below can help make the journey easier.