Can You Be A Mom And Still Be You?

Me time as a mother

Maintaining one’s sense of self after becoming a mom IS possible. Photo via Pexels (CC0).

No matter what age you are when you become a mom, your life will change. You could be barely an adult or about to enter middle age; whichever one applies, you’re still going to go through a lot of the same experiences. Regardless of your background or other personal details, you will notice that you completely change. You no longer put yourself first because now you have this incredible little life (or more of them) to care for. At first, it can be overwhelming. But, before long, it just becomes natural. You’re a mom, and you’re enjoying most of the journey (everyone has their moments). But you may find that you don’t always feel like yourself anymore – and that doesn’t have to be the case. Because you can be a mom and still be you. Continue reading


Embracing Motherhood

Being a mother is a truly wonderful experience. Just how magical is it? The bond that is formed is like no other. That baby depends on you, and you somewhat depend on it. But at the same time, a lot of you reading this will also understand how scary it can be. The fact that another human relies solely on you to survive until they are old enough to do it themselves is a tad scary. But naturally things like this won’t even cross your mind when your beautiful child arrives.

It is common for either expecting moms, or moms to be so exhausted that they forget to just embrace motherhood. Yes they’ll be a few too many sleepless nights, and there may be a few too many arguments between you and your partner about who’s turn it is to change the diaper. But when your child is finally old enough to fly the nest and you can look back at all the wonderful memories you’ve made, you’ll realize that every part of motherhood is incredible. So, whether you’re an expecting mother, or you’ve just become a mom and feel like you’re losing the will to live, then let’s find you a way to embrace motherhood. Continue reading

5 Natural Ways to Boost Milk Production

Please join me in welcoming Regina Dinges from Mom Discuss to the blog today! Her guest post offers natural tips for breastfeeding moms to help boost milk production. This subject matter can be a big worry for a new mother. As there are a lot of myths on this subject, it’s good to get the facts straight. Take it away, Regina. Continue reading