How Seniors Can Actually Benefit from Personal Companions

As people age, it becomes difficult to keep in touch with friends and family members. The situation is even more aggravated for those with medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. If you have a senior at home and you have a busy life, it might be the time to consider using companion care. Personal companions can offer assistance in light housing duties and home healthcare.

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The Only Real Way You Can Help an Alcoholic

Help the alcoholic you love

Helping a loved one battling alcoholism. Pexels, CC0 License.

For anyone that has seen a loved one battle with alcoholism, they will tell you – without hesitation – it was the worst time of their life. It doesn’t matter what else they have been through. There are just so many layers of pain, none of which you can quite comprehend. The frustration of banging your head on the wall. The hurt of seeing the shell of a person you love, knowing that it isn’t them inside. The pain of not knowing who will greet you when you wake up tomorrow. And the devastating realization that there’s nothing you can do; you have exhausted every option, spend every ounce of energy and come up short. That is a horrendous feeling.

Unfortunately, you can’t grab them by the shoulders and shake their demons out. You can’t force them to stare at their dark mist in the eyes or have them admit they need help. That has to be a personal decision. They have to reach a point where they want to change.

This doesn’t mean you have to just sit by and spectate as life pulls them apart from the inside out. There are ways you can help the alcoholic you love, and that is exactly what this post can help you with.

Understand Alcoholism

Understanding what this disease is, and what it is doing to your loved one, is one of the hardest tasks you can undertake. But it is so important that you arm yourself with as much sympathy and knowledge as you can. Learning why alcoholics can’t stop drinking is the only way you’ll be able to stop hitting your head against that concrete wall. Continue reading