International Women’s Day: What Does #PressforProgress Mean?

March 8th is International Women’s Day, an occasion that has been in existence for over 100 years. It’s a day of rallies, marches, exhibits, speeches, business events, and more. It’s a day to celebrate women’s achievements in every facet of life and to strive for where we have yet to get to. This year’s campaign (2018) is #PressforProgress. It’s a hashtag that’s been lighting up Twitter and blogs but what exactly does it mean?

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Women Who Pay It Forward (Guest Post)

Hi all! Today I’m pleased to welcome Sharon Phillips to the blog to chat about networking and empowering women. Her project titled the “Empowering Women Exchange” provides an exciting opportunity for females that I want to share with you. Without further ado, here is Sharon:

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Empowering Networking Women to the Highest Degree

So many years ago, I discovered the power of paying it forward, and, once I did, the blessings and rewards began for me, and have not stopped. What a concept!

Then a dream project rested on my heart and I started “Empowering Women Exchange”  We shared business tips and ideas, showcased businesses along with quest speakers, and began relationships that I still have today, 4 years later. The Exchange doesn’t hold meetings anymore, however, empowering women never stops.

And then I discovered International Women’s Day, March 8, in 2014, and told myself, here is my chance to spread the word, not just on a local level, but on a more global scale.  And to bring Women together for networking and fundraiser events.

The first 2 years were a bust!  1st year, no one showed, last year, it was our guest speaker, and my self, ha! We had a blast, since we did a BLAB podcast, sharing our networking tips and suggestions.
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For International Women’s Day 2017: 5 Women Reaching for Gender Equality

Fighting Gender Equality is Hard Work, Like Exercise

Let’s Aim for Women and Men to be Equals.

The day is almost here! March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD) 2017. I hope this special day will be full of actions that help move the world toward being gender equal. On IWD, which dates back to 1908, let’s celebrate the accomplishments of women around the globe. Here are five of the many women championing for equal rights for women:

Manal al-Sharif

As a women’s rights activist from Saudi Arabia, Manal al-Sharif inspired a campaign for women’s right to drive. She went against the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia and was imprisoned for nine days after filming herself driving a vehicle and then posting it to YouTube.

Her 2011 Women2Drive campaign put pressure on the government to change the law, particularly when social media picked up the story of this woman who questioned why women did not have the same rights as men. She continues to speak out about female oppression in her country.

Alma Gomez

In the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, Alma Gomez campaigns against feminicide. She co-wrote a chapter of the Terrorizing Women: Feminicide in the Americas book, as well as penning several articles on the killing of women who were involved in human rights causes.

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On Purple Nails and Reflections about International Women’s Day

I was going to call this ‘randomness’ but then you might not have read it. Nooo don’t stop reading (Enter The Matrix slow movement of Neo, note to self to see if I can get a full-length coat like his but in deep purple instead). Oh yes, purple.

I told Cassidy, whose blog I have been following for a long time now, that I would share a photo of me with my nails. Purple, sparkly, OPI brand, here you go:

Purple Nails and Reflections

Showing my purple nails and Sunday face. Photo via Christy Birmingham (me!)

And then my mind started its usually whirring. More notes to self and such. I mean, it’s Sunday, so it’s a day to rest, right? Nope, apparently not. Does your mind go on its hamster wheel a lot too? I began thinking about purple, the shade of International Women’s Day. It was a #paintitpurple movement earlier this month. Okay, so here’s the thing. I wondered why purple?

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International Women’s Day: Why We’re Not Outing Men

Make It Happen at the 2015 International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2015 theme: Make It Happen

On March 8th, it is International Women’s Day 2015! Hoorah! This event has been held on this particular day in March since 1911. The theme this year is Make it Happen, which refers to effectively taking actions to recognize, empower, and advance women.

As many of you know, I’m a passionate supporter of gender equality and celebrating strong women. Heck you just have to look at my last post on Candice Bergen to see that. Or, any posts here, for that matter. But what irks me is when people think that because we’re celebrating women on occasions such as International Women’s Day that we’re outing men. I don’t get it. Just because we’re dedicated to honoring women doesn’t mean by default that we are saying men don’t deserve their own congratulations. Absolutely, they do, and I don’t want to take away from their achievements at all.

But the reality is that men have historically had benefits not enjoyed by women, and some of those still exist today. Take gender wage inequality, for one. It is one of the major discussions happening on International Women’s Day. Does it still exist? Yes. And, no, I’m not bashing men or saying that every man agrees this is right. Nope. I have male friends who are totally for wages of men and women being equal. I’m not putting the blame on men as a whole. I’m saying society’s structure isn’t right, and it favors men over women in areas such as wages.

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